2005 Cashmere Thunderbird Value in 2020

My 2005 Cashmere has almost 110,000, I am not sure what it is worth or what KB says it is worth. I found one I could afford in the shape I wanted and purchased it. I guess my complaint is not perceived value but the fact that Ford did not build these cars as well as they could have. A standard 5.0 engine, 6 speed auto and add several upgrades like a computer that gives mpg info and all the items mid to high end 2005 cars have. These T Birds should have been engineered to be a top quality innovative auto.
Ignoring Kelly Bluebook, what's the value of an Mint 2005 Cashmere Thunderbird with 45k miles with Hardtop, new tires, new plugs and coils, no accidents? These cars are worth more than the listed book value.
I have car #2 of the 1500 and I had a professional appraisal done on the car. It was appraised at $40,500. My second cashmere, #593 was appraised at $24,500. #2 has only 32K miles and is in great shape. #593 has 63K miles.
Thank you all for your input, I'm still up in the air regarding pricing, Also now isn't a good time to sell anything because this nasty virus issue.
When I decide to put up for sale I'll post it here.
Everyone be well.
From the looks of your photo, It looks like you are in NY State somewhere.. Very Pretty Bird.. I'm not sure I am prepared to add another to our 02 Torch Red one..


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Having sold cars my whole life ,I have found asking price and appraisal pricing and finding someone who will buy for that price are not always in synch. Remember it's only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.
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I have car #2 of the 1500 and I had a professional appraisal done, It was appraised at $40,500.
Appraisal for what purpose?
I have car #2 of the 1500 and I had a professional appraisal done on the car. It was appraised at $40,500.
There's no chance that car would ever bring 40 grand. Show me one 2002-2005 that recently sold for more than 25,000. Most of the sold listings on ebay are for under 10 grand and a couple at 13-14k. A 2005 Ford Thunderbird 2dr Convertible 50th Anniversary with only 1,850 original miles sold for 25,000 on Ebay. Had nothing to do with the color, it's the miles. A 2004 also sold for 25,000 on BAT. The fact the two cars have less than 2,000 miles is the only reason they brought that much money. Frankly, I still think 25,000 is too much, but as @BillM said, it's all about what someone will pay. That car got a premium because it is practically brand new.
Your car has 32,000 miles on it, so you would get whatever market value is, which is well under 20,000. Frankly, I think it's hilarious that a "professional appraiser" can claim a car is worth 40 grand when one sold on an international selling platform for 25,000 that is practically brand new. Please note, that this car actually sold. As Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars constantly explains to people, just because someone lists something online doesn't mean it's worth that much. You have to look at completed auctions like this one below.
Also, it doesn't really matter "how rare" the car is either, I.E. only 20 were made with those options, etc.

Would also like to point out that a rare 1999 prototype car also sold for 25,000-