2005 alternative to Motorcraft products?


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If you have ever seen a side by side comparison of Motorcraft or OEM parts to off-shore components, you would never use a non-Ford part.
Your post implies that Ford OEM parts are not offshore. Some parts are made at Denso in Maryville, TN and other places, however, many, if not most OEM parts are made outside the USA. Obviously, Ford has people that oversee the factories.

Many cases over the years where OEM parts were faulty and fail such as O2 sensors. It's not like Ford makes the components for the car themselves. The microchips etc all are "offshore".

I've bought Non-OEM parts such as alternators for cars and had great luck. Recently I bought an Oil Pressure Sending unit for our Jeep and bought OEM because it's a known fact the aftermarket part fails and has inaccurate reading. I think the results vary and it's effectively stereotyping to say all OEM parts are superior.

One last point, there are cases where one Motorcraft Alternator costs as much as 3 aftermarket ones, many of which have a good build quality and good reviews and longevity.

Just my 2 cents.

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Just going back the last 20 years or so Ford has made 5 different coolants. The oldest was GREEN which ended around 2001. Followed by GOLD which was great stuff. Deisgned for the newer aluminum blocks and probably what our Tbirds were shipped with. Then came SPECIALTY GREEN only lasted a couple of years. ORANGE followed that and was not very good. It had protection problems and is no longer made. Today they use YELLOW know as a P-OAT formula. Phosphate Organic Acid Technology. The great thing about this formula is it does all the good things you want in a coolant. It has good heat transfer properties, works well in the cold, works well protecting the new aluminum and old cast iron engines and best of all it is backward compatible so it can be mixed with older formulas. It is considered the longest lasting with a claim of 10 years or 200,000 miles. Of course you would need a drain and flush to have that type of life. The one negative I am aware of is you can't just add tap water in radiator. You need to use distilled water because the Phosphate part of the formula reacts negatively with the minerals in regular tap water. Hope this helps.
Thanks very much for your insight. I have never used tap water in my coolant always a preblended 50/50. Is the Orange you speak of Motorcraft? and is it already 50/50 or does it need diluted? Thanks.