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2004 Blinker Issue after repair B-1689?

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by mtchapman, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. Hey All,

    Hoping for a little help if possible. I have a 2004 Thunderbird that went into the shop for repairs. They had to replace parts dealing with transmission issues. When they did this they had to 'reset' the computer so it could re-learn shift patterns. This means taking the negative off the battery for about an hour to let the system reset.

    After doing this the blinkers worked fine for about a day. They said they saw B-1689 code in the system but blinkers were working. After driving/parking for a day blinkers didn't work. Brought it back, they checked all wiring, wiring and lights seem good. Did a "deep reset" which involves taking negative and positive off battery waiting an hour and then touching them to drain any capacitors.

    After doing this the car blinkers worked fine for them for two days. I took it home drove it for two days and blinkers are back to the same problem. They now think it has something to do with the speedometer cluster and an issue with that.

    Anyone heard anything like this? I have searched for the code B-1689 but can't find anything. Not sure if it is only in Ford specific manuals that I don't have access to.

    Any help or pointers appreciated...

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  2. biddle

    biddle Forum Moderator Staff Member

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  3. After looking over the paperwork They also note B1242 and B1265 as codes in the system. The rest of the car works great. Headlights, dash, all other lights. I got reply that it could have something to do with the FEM. I will ask but based on what the issues are fixed by FEM it sounds a bit different.

  4. biddle

    biddle Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Turn signals are definitely a symptom of FEM problems, they were messing with the battery, and hooking it back up etc, so definitely sounds like a possibility! Whenever they cannot figure out the problem, it's often the FEM too.
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  5. https://www.obdiicsu.com/tag/trouble-code-b1689

    Autolight failure
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  6. A few questions to help troubleshoot this
    1) is one turn signal always on
    2) is one turn signal non operative
    3) are the Hazard lamps operative
    4) are the Hazard lamp always on

    Depending on the response to each of these will determine where the trouble is.
    Here are the possibilities. The FEM, the instrument cluster & the multi- function switch(turn signal/ wiper control/ hi- beam stick).
    If it works once-n-awhile the 1st place I would suggest is the multi-function switch. Usually if it is the FEM or the Instrument Cluster it is a hard failure not an intermittent one.
  7. Hey,

    Thanks for all the replies. After one reply that gave me what one of the codes was: Automatic Dimmer Control Failure, I started moving the headlight switch.

    When I move the headlight switch I can get it to work, there is not a specific pattern to get it to work that I have found though yet. When it fails it is either no blinker or a right blinker when you signal left or intermittent blinker working with fast flashes and temporary stopping of blinking.

    I did get it twice to work for 10 minutes and then work after turning it on a few times. It has failed again after switching to a different headlight mode. Could the headlight switch cause this type of behavior?

    Thanks for any help..
  8. Doubtful. I'll bet it is the multi-function switch.
    One other point I'd like to share is that if you have access to a Lincoln Dealer/Service & you plan on having a dealership service this problem instead of an independent garage I would take the T-Bird to the Lincoln. They have had more experience with the electrical systems than Ford due to the Lincoln LS & Retro Bird similarities.

    I believe the steering wheel needs to be removed to replace the multi-function switch.
  9. What happens when you press in the Hazard light botton? Do they work as they should, drive the car with them blinking & turn the steering wheel making both left & right turns. Do the Hazards continue to operate correctly?

    Trying to eliminate a wiring situation in the steering column.
    Really believe your problems have nothing to do with your previous work on transmission.

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