2003 Rear Bumper Cover Advice

So, hello again everyone. I was waxing down my good old pal, my 2003 Thunderbird and noticed that the rear bumper cover is starting to separate under the tail lights.
if I push up in the center, underneath, everything come back together. I asked the Ford Dealer, but they were only as helpful as they ever are. I was told to go to a body shop because they have no idea why it’s doing this.
Has anyone else had this issue? If so, did you end up going to a body shop to fix and how were the results?

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I think the dealer gave you excellent advice. Could just be a minor adjustment.
My 02 needed the rear bump we repaired,, tihe estimator noticed the wider seam, I hadn't, said when they take bumper off may need to replace brackets, but they didn't need too, reattached looked perfect, u might remove, check & reattach