2003 Cold Start problem only below 32 degrees F

Hi, I am new to this forum and I have learned much from all the good people here. I have a 2003 with 5,700 miles (yes 5,700) on it and starts runs fine when temps are above freezing. Starting below freezing it will go into limp mode resulting in P2110 and P2107 and much gray smoke. When I erase the codes the car runs fine in the cold. I have already changed the MAF and TPS sensors and the problem persists. Sure I could start changing the COPS, EGR and etc... With such low mileage I find having this problem unusual.
I was wondering if anyone has experienced this or if anyone can point me to a new direction? or is as simple as changing the coils and plugs?

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Sometimes its just worth getting help, the Ford dealers around here will run a diagnostic for about $129 and tell you what needs to be done to fix a problem and you can decide to do it through them, fix it yourself or not at all. This issue is a new one on me.

Now, I do encounter a condition with my 02 bird about every 3 months where it will crank and not start, I clear the codes with my OBDC scanner and things are fine for another several months. I just haven't gotten down to isolating the exact cause yet via the codes.


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I agree with 007 my 03 started to have some strange issues and traced back to a very weak battery, changed out battery and no more issues. Hope that helps some
All engines when cold need a richer mixture of fuel and air to start. Older carburated engines have a 'choke', either hand controlled or automatic. With newer fuel injection engines, a engine tempeature sensor signals the ECM to add more fuel through the injectors and also to control the high idle until the engine warms. Poor mixture for proper combustion when cold could cause the misfires and set the limp mode feature. Check the temperature sensor for proper operation. OBD scanners often will display engine temp readings.
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