2002 Battery Quick Disconnect

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I've dealt with the battery disconnect issue for decades on my classic cars. First off, not a fan of those round knob disconnects; I've had several of them fail (not cheap ones either). Secondly, in the retro bird owner's manual it tells you what happens when you disconnect the battery. You have a series of window and engine calibration procedures that are required and then you have to drive the car so it "relearns" the optimal transmission shift points. In addition, if the battery is disconnected too long it can cause more severe problems with the "smart" electronic components. This doesn't even address unloading the trunk and removing the floor panels each time you want to access the switch.

There are remote (keyfob) controlled wireless battery disconnects that would obviate the last issue of access but doesn't do anything for the other issues. In the instance of occasional maintenance or troubleshooting problems, its just as easy to disconnect the battery terminal with a metric socket...

If the car is to be parked long term, leave the battery connected and use a "smart" battery tender on it, you can even use one through the factory cigarette lighter socket in the cockpit and no need to even open the trunk. This is what I do...

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