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2002 Battery light

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by Shadorunnr, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. After about 10 to 20 minutes of driving, (the longer time is during cooler weather), the battery light comes on for a minute or two and then goes off. There is a slight smell if overheated electronics, but no discernible source, and everything seems to be working properly.
    This has been happening for awhile with different circumstances, ac on, off heater on or off, top up or down, cruise on or off, etc. Nothing changes. Except cooler weather has moved the time light comes on back some. I would think that by now, something would quit working. Battery seems to be uneffected.
    Any ideas?
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  2. vinnie

    vinnie Aways Learning Lifetime Donor

    My first instinct would be to check battery terminals including it's ground connection. Check for codes as that, if present, could provide some clues. The overheat smell would be cause for (fire) concern. Good luck.
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  3. I've checked the battery terminals, they are good. Plus a lose connection would have a more erratic battery light. The timing of the light is very specific, including the duration it is on.
    What I find the most odd is, after the light goes off for the last time, ( it may stay lit, or go on and off 2 or 3 times, usually a time span of about 2 minutes) then everything seems normal. I would think that overheating would either 1) continue non stop, or 2) shut down (because of a breaker, or other device) and cause an electrical component to stop working. Which is not the case.
  4. Batteries typically have a 3 to 4 your lifespan. Yours could be getting week in the colder weather just results in this irradic behavior. Maybe Walmart can do a battery check?
  5. you could also do a load test for the alternator .

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