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02-05 Thunderbird headlights LED

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by Bird52, Sep 25, 2018.

  1. Bird52

    Bird52 Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    looking to upgrade to LED headlights.
    Can anyone recommend some and tell me how they look and the visibility change?
  2. LED bulbs are brighter, use less wattage, last longer. Changed all exterior & interior bulbs to LED, but one caveat -- Tbird headlamp reflectors are designed specifically for halogen bulbs, so LED lamps won't give safe and proper dispersion/aim/coverage. Too, they are so bright some states outlaw them. I got great headlight improvement by switching to PIAA "Xtreme White Plus" halogen bulb HB5 (9007), purchased online websites like Amazon.

    Only buy and use "CANBUS ERROR FREE" LED light bulbs as they have resistors built into the units, and the lights will go out when you turn them off (no faint glow 24/7).
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  3. Bird52

    Bird52 Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    Thanks much appreciated
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  4. Skizix Savage

    Skizix Savage Gunmetal Gray Metallic Over Bright Tan Lifetime Donor

    What specific factor causes my LED lamps to glow after power is cut off? It would seem intoitive to me that no power = no light. Is this a drain on the battery?

    Also, although switched off, my map lights not only have an “afterglow,” but they remain ON for the entire drive, day or night! This is true of the footwell lights, too. Shouldn’t the map and footwell light turn off as they did with the old incandescent lights’ habits?
  5. Skizix Savage

    Skizix Savage Gunmetal Gray Metallic Over Bright Tan Lifetime Donor

  6. Headlights were changed to LED - auxiliary lights left in just to illustrate the difference. The brightness of the auxiliary's are obviously less, but the color is what makes most of the difference in usable visibility when upgrading to these. I got mine on Amazon from a seller called "NAO" - I've used 4 sets on 4 different vehicles all with positive results.

    (my old man photo-bombed this shot)

    Attached Files:

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  7. I'd like your opinion now that you have had the LED headlights for awhile. As you drive, Do you really have more light and see better OR do the LEDs just offer a whiter light but not brighter? If the latter is the case than the LEDs do make your car more visible to other drivers which is probably good too.

    What the brand name & their part number for the LEDs you installed. Are they available in walk-in stores or only on line?
    Please respond, trying to learn more.
  8. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B076P5H7TW/?tag=thunderbirdforum-20 <= these

    There is a noticeable difference in terms of brightness and clarity compared to standard bulbs. They make street signs "pop" like HID's do, and the usable light pattern is leaps and bounds better. Most of these are online only as your retail places generally carry traditional bulbs from Sylvania, however I've noticed some are carrying the turn-signals in LED versions (without load resistors which are almost always necessary to ensure the blinker relay doesn't go crazy).
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  10. Thanks.
    About 5 yrs ago I changed out the headlight's bulbs. Probably should do this again as they do dim with age & use. And use they get....Bird is my daily driver
  11. This is a great link to a great source.
    Others may already know about Super bright I had not. Thanks very much. I have learned a lot about LEDs just from looking through the site.
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  12. I have replaced my 2003 Thunderbird's Headlights with GTR Ultra Gen 3 9007 LED bulbs and they are BRIGHT!!! Not cheap, but bright. I couldn't fit the retaining ring around them that holds the traditional Halogen 9007 bulbs in, but they pressed into the headlight housing pretty tight .. so I'm hoping that is secure enough to hold them .. so far, so good. I also replaced the lower lights 3457 bulbs with the VLEDS 3157 Switchback LED bulbs ... and they shine white when the lights are on, and turn amber when the turn signal is on. Finally I got rid of those horrible Fog light bulbs and put in JDM ASTAR Extremely Bright 2000 LED bulbs. Awesome outcome ... and much better lighting at night. 47689427_10217901500268293_8047717502278434816_n.jpg 48046819_10217901499428272_4687664084382908416_n (1).jpg 48358477_10217901499908284_4274861471755665408_n (1).jpg
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