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02-05 Chrome 3rd Brake Light Cover?

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by Desert BlueBird, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. Has anyone seen or have their 3rd brake light cover chromed? I think it would be a nice complement to the hood scoop front edge chrome.
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  2. Never in my 14 yrs of owning my 05 have I heard of or ever seen one. No one around the country has ever mentioned an idea like this.
  3. Never thought of it either but it does sound interesting, will go out and look at mine tomorrow a little closer. That just might be a very good idea.
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  4. The only caveat I personally would consider is when does too much chrome become too much. It probably is a matter of taste, if you like it then absolutely go for it.
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  5. biddle

    biddle Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Please include the model year(s) of the car in future post on the subject / title. I have added this for you. Thank you for posting.
  6. Mr Biddle please don’t consider this a smart ass question but I do wonder why you insist on adding a MY to posts like this when the parts in question are identical covering all 4 years of production. Please don’t take the comment wrong, just wondering.

    Yes, I’m of the opinion that hood scoop is great but this is overkill.
  7. biddle

    biddle Forum Moderator Staff Member

    1- Mostly for SEO on Google so people find the posts. Look at the URL above- "02-05-chrome-3rd-brake-light-cover.7385"
    2- The site covers 1955-2005, when the weekly digest goes out, it makes it easier for people to know what years it pertains to.

    The subject is the most important part of a post on any forum.

    What I wonder is why people cannot follow simple instructions when they post it clearly tells them to include the model year(s) along with a meaningful subject. People will literally use a subject that says "Ford Thunderbird" LOL SMH.

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  8. Bubblehog

    Bubblehog Well-Known Member Gold Donor

    Another reason is that if you follow other parts of the forum that cover all years (The T-bird parts area, for instance) and the subject line doesn’t show the year, you don’t know if the post is applicable to your car.
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  9. Back to the topic
    The hood scoop was started in 1955 the birth year of the unique Thunderbird. The scoop is Thunderbird heritage. The third or hi-mount tail light is a Federal Highway requirement that imho is a ugly bump. Why oh why would you want to accent it?
    But to each their own, if you are asking what others may think about chrome on this part of the car than you yourself are not convinced it would look good and it probably would not.
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  10. WOW.. I rarely post here and this is exactly why. Was the MY required for my question? How many model years does the 3rd brake light cover apply to?

    And my question didn't ask you whether you liked the idea. I asked if anyone has done it or seen it. I didn't know that only "heritage" components could be chromed. The original t-birds also didn't have body colored side view mirrors, so I guess you'd better take those non-heritage parts off your car.
  11. Goodness aren't you touchy. Ouch!
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  12. Sorry that was uncalled for. I apologise.
    But you did ask if anyone has consider chroming the 3 Rd tail light bump.

    I just wonder why a beautifully designed car needs to have chrome added.
  14. You can get a decal for the third light
    It is "Thunderbird" in script . I have one and it looks good. You can see it on mytbird.com. John
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