1. Bruno94

    1960 430L Won't start!

    I recently bought a 1960 Ford Thunderbird 430L and it ran fine when i bought it and then i had it towed to my residence and then drove it to where i parked it, then the next day i tried starting it and it will turnover but wont start! I put more fuel in it and tried jumping it but it still won't...
  2. Zelzah

    Car won't start after car wash 1970 T-Bird

    I took my Thunderbird to the car wash recently to degrease the engine. After covering the distributor I proceeded to wash the car. After finishing I was unable to get the car to turn or start. I still have power to the radio, lights, and seats but can't start. My windows also would not roll up...
  3. LakevilleGhostrider

    WTB 1980 TBird need block heater

    I purchased a 1980 this summer and neglected to purchase a block heater for it. I live in Minnesota so it’s pretty necessary. Does anybody know where I can find one that will work?
  4. Carson Kaiser

    Gas Gauge Not Working - 1993 Thunderbird LX 5.0

    Hey all, This summer, I just bought my 2nd MN12 Thunderbird. It has 82,000 original miles on it, but needs a LOT of work (that’s okay, I wanted a project car). I acquired this bird for $825, with an extra set of rims and winter tires costing me another $100 ($925 total). When I purchased it, I...
  5. Z

    1962 Thunderbird steering gear box installation

    Received the car with the gearbox out not sure how it goes back in and where those insulators go that I've read about.? Could motor is out so should be pretty simple. The bolts come in from the fender side or from the engine compartment side? Thanks for your help any links to diagrams or YouTube...
  6. Carson Kaiser

    Cigarette Lighter Heats Up, Does Not Power Anything Else. Help? 1993 Thunderbird LX 3.8

    Hi All! I was just wanting to know what was up with my car not charging devices such as my GPS or Phone using the 12V Port, but it will light the lighter that had come with the car. Any help getting it to work again? Thx in advance Carson
  7. M

    1969 Thunderbird Exhaust Leak

    I just recently bought a 1969 thunderbird. It runs and drives. But there is one weird thing about it. When I put her in drive exhaust leaks into the cabin of the car. Not a little but absolutely fills the car. I can change the air conditioning dial and it changes where the exhaust flows in from...