1. J

    1965 Speedometer lettering/markings

    The speedometer lettering on my wife's car are mostly rubbed off. What should I use to restore the speedometer lettering so that the markings can be easily read? Thank - Jody Moderator Note: Use a Sharpie- https://www.amazon.com/Sharpie-Metallic-Permanent-Markers-Silver/dp/B001AZ3KHY
  2. newenglandtbird

    65 Muffler Replacement

    Looking to potentially replace the mufflers on my '65 with the 390. Is there any specific brands out there that seem better than others with regards to sound and fitment? Doesn't have to be an OEM style muffler either, just want it to sound nice and be appropriate for my original looking car...
  3. newenglandtbird

    '65 Gear Shift Lever Hitting Dashboard

    My '65's gear shift lever hits the chrome bezel around the "wipers/washers" gauge on the dashboard whenever I swing the steering wheel to the side while in park. Can't see where I'd adjust the shift lever where it wouldn't impact the gauge, and I've got the stock level installed; could this be...
  4. S

    55-66 Huge lot of bodies, frames, axles, brakes, interior, powertrain and A WHOLE LOT MORE.

    I have recently inherited a family members 50,000 sq ft T BIRD restoration and repair shop in Broward county Florida. This building is full of all tbird parts. chrome, body parts, frames blocks bumpers galore. The gentleman that build this collection spent his lifetime collecting Tbirds and...
  5. A

    How to: Electric Choke Conversion - 1965 w/ Holley

    Hello - first day on the forum. I have a 1965 Thunderbird with a 390. I was advised to purchase a Holley street warrior 600 carburetor (https://amzn.to/2u48kYu) and did so. My question is, for a complete novice, what conversion kit exists for this car with this carburetor - to go from my manual...
  6. Kristian

    Electrical and wiper issues 65'

    Hi everybody. I'm restoring a 65', got most of the engine work done a few weeks ago. The body looks good, but i need to restore the 65' look (previous owner wanted it to lool like a 64). So, the headlights, tail lights and parking lights are working, and the interior off/on light. But the list...
  7. birdissues

    ‘66 Steering Column Issue - NOT the common cause

    Hi everyone, I hope an expert can help me with this one. I just bought the T-bird, and I’ve been tearing my hair out with this one. I have a ‘66 t-bird that has ~1/4” play between the column shifter housing and the hub that holds the detent. The play is in the direction where if I grab the...
  8. B

    1965 Convertible Production Numbers

    Good evening, newbie here. I just acquired a 1965 Brittany blue convertible. The car was purchased with the top down...we all know why. So when I got it home, a little coaxing and up comes a BLUE top. Cool! I have ordered the paperwork on this car from Marti so will be able to verify whether...
  9. iamdavis90

    Trouble Replacing my 1965's Rear Bumper Emblem

    I recently bought a 1965 Thunderbird, I am in the process of restoring it however I have come across a couple snafus. For starters I am trying to replace my rear bumper emblem however I can not for the life of me find a way to access the bolts that hold the display piece in place. Do I have to...