Wrecked bird CHECK ME OUT!

20190621_115610.jpg 20190621_081626.jpg Ah, Friday was an absolute doozy. Here I am, posing with my 'bird. You can see the door and fender took a big hit!
Padded dashboard kept my cranium from cracking like an egg.
You shoulda seen all the rubbernecks taking pictures!


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I made the mistake of letting someone wave me out into 4 lanes of traffic. Speeding lady flew around a truck, we never saw each other coming
Bummer! I never let people wave me out, I'm always afraid they are an insurance scammer or something like this would happen. I hate when people wave people out into the road! Happens a lot here in TN.


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Am I missing something? This clown screws up, blames it on someone else, then for over a year you all commiserate on what he should do and he's silent as a clam. Waste of space.
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