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My blue/ blue/ full accent is due in May / June. In Canada, only the painted wheels are available, no premium option available. Rather than order the Chrome premium wheels through the parts dept for $ 2500 and be stuck with the painted wheels, I was looking into wires for the same price.
EVERYONE advised to keep away from wires!

I found that Plate Corp out of Orange California can take the original T-bird OEM painted wheels and Triple chrome them for less than $150 each!
These people Chrome wheels for all the big guys on limited production runs and do wheels for car nuts and hot rodders.
The chrome center for the premium wheels fits. $22 each from your Ford parts guy. No need to chrome the plastic centers too.
They will also take your Chrome premium wheels and rechrome them after polishing out the imperfections they come with.
See www.platecorp.com
We discussed this several weeks ago and concluded that wire wheels would not fit the new Thunderbird due to the huge offset. It is difficult to get a steel or alloy wheel true with this much offset. Wires - never. They need to be centered to the mounting surface. Sorry.
I had the same thought - wires with wide white walls - very retro.

Somewhat related thought. What if we turned the spare tire over and put the jack in a small bag to protect it and other surfaces?
That would give an extra square foot or two of storage in the trunk
I have had two occasions that my trunk was too small to take ordinary stuff. Like a case of wine and a hammock and another box, and the other box would not fit.
I will purchase another trunk lid, only because of the Neiman Marcus edition, for close to $600, then add a luggage rack,paint and the emblem. For about $1000 I will be able to add over 10 cu ft of luggage.
Even the old Vette on Route 66 had a rear deck luggage rack on it.
I doubt I will remove the lid with the rack, except for car shows, then I will put my NM 21 spoke wheels and NM floor mats back on too.

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