Wire Wheels?

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Anyone had any experience with finding wire wheels that look right on the 2002 Thunderbird? I understand all the previous reservations about wire wheels, but have had no problems with them on my 90 Jaguar, and love the look that they give a black car. I wonder if anyone has made or will make them available for the new Bird.


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Take a look at Dayton Wire Wheels; www.daytonwirewheels.com. They offer three that should fit; Eurowire, Classic III EuroWire and Classic III in addition to some of their direct bolt-ons for Jags (according to them). I contacted a local dealer about the EuroWire and the Classic III and was told that it would be about $2300 for a set of 4; a little short of cash right now so am waiting.
I had wires on my '93 Jag. The look was great, but the performance was not. I found it impossible to get a perfect balance on the tires with those wheels. I had great tires on it too. Be careful with wires.
Any one know if Kelsey Hayes still make wires. Knock offs on the T bird would be fantastic. Thanks for posting the Dayton site. I don't like the wide spoke Ford Chrome wheel, especially the finish between the spokes. It looks like for a grand more, knock offs are a definite possibility. I intend to drive it only on cruises with the car club and on week ends, keep it under glass for winters, wires would work fine for me!
Take a close look at the brake rotor size and the size of the brake caliper. Any replacement wheel will have to have a huge relief in the back of the spoke area to clear. Not sure a true wire wheel would provide enough clearance. Also, wire wheels like to be centered, not offset like the Thunderbird wheels.
Thanks for the info guys, I must be getting old (54) I had a 1964 Merc Maurader Mt Clair which came from Ford with the Kelsey Hayes wheels and a 390. In 1968 I had a Mustang with a 428 Cobra Jet, I put Mickey Thompsons aluminum mags on it. Broke up the back ones a couple of times. They were 'universal' fit with kidney washers, they tore apart with the torque! I went back to steel wheels.
Now my wife (40 something) has a 1998 yellow GT Mustang and I have a Continental. Ford fans!
We had a 1991 Miata, British Racing Green / tan leather. Not a real car more a 'toy'
We have a Triple Blue on order, supposibly a June delivery. I still will look into Wires and have e-mailed Dayton. I will check my E-Mail now.....
Thanks for all the great feedback. It is very helpful. I too had the Kelsey Hayes wheels in mind when I posted the question. Hopefully more and more choices will become available as the more Thunderbirds are on the road. Ideally, a wheel that has been specifically designed for the new Thunderbird will be made available.
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