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Windshield Wiper malfunction

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by snow_san, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. Hi guys.

    Wanted to get your thoughts.
    This usually happens during the day when it's warm.
    When I start the car, the windshielf wipers will come on by
    themselves, run intermittently for awhile then stop.
    The wipers will work after it stops.

    During this malfunction time, when I try the wipers, they don't work.
    Has been like this for 2-3 weeks.

    It's at the dealership now.
    2002 with 45k

    Appreciate any thoughts.
  2. George

    George Passed Away July 25, 2015

    Snow, this is the first I've heard of wiper problems, but let us know what they find out.
    If they replace anything, it would be nice if you post the part number replaced in case anyone else has a similar issue. - Thanks
  3. vcionetti

    vcionetti Active Member Lifetime Donor

    Hi Forum members,
    My '04 (63 k miles ) has been doing the same wiper malfunction a lot lately.
    Just the wipers come on by themselves.. dash, lights, etc., all ok.

    Has anyone come up with a fix or can offer any advice, please?
  4. jjtbird

    jjtbird Lifetime Subscriber Lifetime Donor

    My other ford product had the same issue. I was told that the relay was the problem. Maybe this will work for you. ..
  5. can you tell me were this relay is, my wipers were doing the same thing but now stay on intermittent all the time.
  6. vcionetti

    vcionetti Active Member Lifetime Donor

    Hi members!
    Although my wipers occasionally still turn on-off by themselves, today it's raining and SURPRISE
    the wiper switch won't turn on the wipers at all! My turn signals work ok. Also the windshield wiper-fluid
    sweep button also doesn't respond either.

    Is it the "module" I've read about in past replies or is it the wiper switch?
    I'd sure like to know any opinions before I visit my Ford dealer :)

    Any thoughts, please? THANKS!
  7. vcionetti

    vcionetti Active Member Lifetime Donor

    Hi members!
    Well, the car dried out and now the wipers work again. Rain mskes the wipers fail? Crazy.
  8. vcionetti

    vcionetti Active Member Lifetime Donor

    Hi Members!
    I’m still having the “ghost wipers” coming on periodically and someone suggested a “windshield wiper switch assembly” replacement. Anyone else had this problem and did this fix it for you? THANKS!
  9. Pelagic

    Pelagic Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    It's the FEM. See the other thread on this.
  10. I had a 1999 mercury sable that had the same issue.. It would come on perhaps once a week snd just make one swipe.. So far my t-bird has been fine.. Now where is that wood to knock on.. I never got it fixed.. The sable was already 8-9 years old and a daily driver getting ready to be turned in on something else.. Not worth the money ro fix it..
  11. I bet the issue with FEMs is the electrolitic capicators dry out.
    They are easy to check and replace. Has anyone ever found out what is
    done to these FEMs when sent off for repair.

    I have repaired a few flat panel tv’s that would not turn on, or took a
    long time to turn on, and issues was always three or four capicators that
    either swelled up or leaked, ie went bad. Same thing with expensive oven
    at our ranch, that started doing weird things, did not want to spend $2,600
    on a new oven that is rarely used, so took control board out and found a
    swelled cap, and changed for $1.80. Oven has worked great ever sense.

    Capicators are used for filtering, and to leach electricity out for operation
    Of the electronics.
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