Who got the Ford Car cover at 110$?

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I saw a recent post that someone was able to get the Ford Thunderbird car cover at close to 110$...

It is listed ont the Website at 110$ (part # 19A412) but all the dealers both in US/Canada tell me their cost is closer to 200$us...

Does anyone have the real story on this one?

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have them look on the 2002 ford accessories book item # 60 full vehicle cover list $110.90 on page 18. give me fax # and i will fax you a copy...
you should be able to get 5%to 15% off the retail..
I paid $219.00 for the " standard cover " from my Ford dealer. They wanted $290.00 for the " all weather cover " . You might want that all weather cover If you keep it outside since I hear that you get a bit more snow up there in Quebec than we get here in Dallas.

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Erict - I got my Noah fabric cover (that DavidN commented on) from Ford. I ordered it right after that book came out. It's the one that Ford tried to raise to $200 on me after I ordered (and I discussed in another thread). My dealer fought for me, and I got it for the original price. Perhaps that price was a missprint, because all of the later books had higher prices, and sometimes different covers. I like the cover, but it is somewhat bulky, and would not be appropriate for trips.

Ford has not been very consistent on this accessory, and the descriptions never actually say what the fabric is, making it difficult to decide if the covers are the same from book to book.
The Winter 2002 Ford Collectionn catalog offers a cover specifically for the 2002 TBird, with correct mirror pockets, TBird logo, etc, for $150. It is item# S1780-99. Not much descriptive dtail is given, only that it is lightweight, water resistant, breathable and protective. Picture is on back cover.

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