whistle in the center stack

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Was it a brass or plastic whistle?

Seriously, I have never heard a whistle coming from my stack. I have had my climate control in just about all configurations and the only thing I notice is the air flow noise when the fan is set on high.

maybe an oscar meyer weiner whistle!

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now I feel good. I have a quality oscar meyer weiner in my dash from someones lunch at wixom. Hopefully it will work its way out. Most dealers dont know anything about these cars and are very hesitant on working on them...thanks all.
Are you sure it's not a Jimmy Dean Sausage? Seriously, Make sure the vent controls are "wheeled" to the UP position and that they are in the center of the vent. Then put your AC on full and see if it's still there. Cycle it down to low, then to the floor then to the defroster and see if it's still there. At least that way, you may be able to narrow down the location of the blockage.
You should have it checked by the dealer as it may be a vacuum line that has come undone making the whistling noise. If thats the case one or more functions of the climate control may not work properly ie: temp control, air flow control, etc.

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Don't know if this could be related but my company car is a Taurus and it sometimes develops a bird like whistle that I believe comes from the fan motor (is it the same as the Tbird motor?). When I crank the fan up to high the motor kind of frees up and the whistle goes away. also a co-worker has experienced this same whistle in his company Taurus.

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I have the same annoying whistle in my new Bird and my '98 F250. All the cars I have owned previously had at least 70,000 miles before this noise started.
Ford's fan motors might have a quality issue and need to add this to the hard top rub for the new QC guy at the factory.

This is another area where poor QC from the previous CEO and his management team has given the buyer a poor product.

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Thanks everybody. Went to drive it at noon today and it appears to be gone (the whistle). It was 34 degrees outside when I took it out of her heated garage and now it is a blisterring 45. Anyway its gone for now, but the fan motors are a bit noisy.
Hope it stays that way and I hope I don't see those types of temperatures again until next December. Good luck.

you seem to be pretty even-keeled, but i guess even the nicest people can blow their stack!

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... try the veal, folks.
funny NM...what you been eating/drinking in LA..too many fish taco's with a tequila chaser I bet...actually the whistle is less noticeable, but the fan motors and airflow noise is much noticeable than in a previous BMW that I had.
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