What options you wish the new T-Bird came with?

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Keyless entry? Do you mean other then the key fob? Like that pad? Not I. (not clean looking).

To me the shifter available on the LS.


Don't know why, just because why not.
The keyless entry on my 02 Lightning is done very nice inside the door handle..I have lock myself out a few times and keyless entry saved my a$$..

you got my vote on the supercharger...

I look forward every day when I drive the lighning and hear the S\C KICK IN and get to boost to 10lbs... my tire guy loves me..LOL

Heated Seats, Electrochromatic Mirrors, 6-Way Power Passenger Seat and boot cover that opens and closes like the vette or Mercedes, powered would be nice, but not a necessity. Some other wheel options would be nice too.
How about buy one, get one "free"
That would defenitly be a nice option!

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I realize the car would be at least $10,000 more, but a retractible hard top. In the alternative, a better boot cover for the soft top. Something that blends into the body color like Corvette's.

Vanity lights on my visors, a six-speed manual, home-link transmitter, compass in the mirror (just because I cruise where ever in this car and get lost), keyless entry buttons in the door handle and bump it to about 300hp.

I'd be more interested in the cooled seats, just because I'd hardly ever used the heated since it's a summer car.

Those changes would make the car perfect in my book. But also a lot less affordable.
How about letting Canadian customer have access to the same options and features as the US customers.

Who ever works at product management in Canada must be from Venus or something...

Leave all the options available!!! We're smart enough!.
I would love to see the CD player handle MP3 files. This would give use a total of 11 hours per disc.

I'd also like to see a soft boot and more interior colors. For example, why not allow blue or yellow interiors in a black car?

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I agree with everyone...certainly a much deeper tone for the exhaust although I have aftermarket cat back systems on all of my vehicles including an Expedition. Certainly, the visors are rediculous and the boot is the biggest piece of junk I have ever seen.
I think being able to lower the seat another 2" might have been nice as my 5"9" height still comes too close to either top. XM indash could have been an option as well although that'll probably happen for the '03 model year. 6 speed would have been nice but my guess is that it would have been on less than 20% of the vehicles. All in all, it is a looker and the aftermarket will start to produce more and more stuff for us to apply.
I wonder what the convertible top would look like with the glass round portholes (since we have glass in our back windows), just like the hardtop has? I would love to see that as a real unique option that would allow us to have that "look" when we don't have the hardtop on the car. I get so many comments about the porthole windows, that I really do miss them when I have the hardtop off.
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