Wanted- 02-05 hard top

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They show up on ebay fairly regularly. Are you looking for a white one? There are two white color hardtops, the regular white hardtop came with Thunderbirds with a white body. For accent, when people ordered a white top on, say, a blue, or red, or black, etc those white tops were a brighter white. The regular white body and hardtops were only made in 2002 and 2003 so if you know a given white top came from a 2004 or 2005 then it was the brighter white. If a given white top was from a 2002 or 2003 it could be either white. If you buy one with the intention to have it repainted, you can probably figure on spending $400 for the paint job.
I know of 2. A White and a Merlot. Both are "like new" and last I heard, the white one was for sale at $1200. They are both here in the NW (Washington State).
With the weather improving, a "relay" could be in the offing.
Anyone have a 02-05 hard top for sale?
Asking 1500.00 needs no work has been in house when not on car. Used on car about 60 days out of the year for 3 years. That would include stand , wrench and cover. Also have boot replacement for gear shift, lug nuts, 2 boot covers when top is down and custom windscreen with cover available for sale Will try to post photo when I get home
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