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I am not affiliated with Ford Motor Company, all the data I gather comes from individuals with an interest in the new Thunderbird.

For the new people on the board, I have been collecting data on all the Birds that I can, so if you have any of the below information on you car, I would appreciate receiving it.

In the plots that I post on the Yahoo group site, I have added estimations to the VIN vs. Delivery, VIN vs. ETA and VIN vs. Build plots. Due to the limited data that I have, I feel that the estimations may be optimistic, however it will give you a rough idea of build/ETA/delivery dates. As more data is gathered the better the fits will be. For this reason I would appreciate as many build dates/ETA's/delivery dates that I can get. Keep in mind that these are estimates and should not be taken as absolute.

The data can be found at:


The plots are located in both the files section (.gif extension) and the photo section.

You can email it to me at the below address. When submiting data please include as much as possible of the following:

Your full 17 digit VIN, build week, ETA, delivery date, destination (where it is being delivered to, not necessarily where you live) exterior color, top color, model (premium or deluxe), interior color (full, partial, accent or plain), your name if you want it included and any remarks.

Also if you could include your position in the dealer allocation (#? of ?) it would be useful in giving people who have not received a VIN an idea of when they might.

The usual sequence for vehicle order status is as follows:

(1) clean/unscheduled (2) submitted to plant (3) scheduled (4) locked in (no changes to order allowed) (5) bucked (implies that production of the vehicle has commenced) (6) produced (7) released from plant (8) assignment of a railcar or released to convoy (9) arrived at ramp (rail yard or distribution center near delivery site) (10) if not assigned in step 8, released to convoy.


Joe O'Donnell
St. Pete, FL
2002 Bird in Hand
Black Premium, Black Top, Black Accent
VIN 102532

For the last couple of days I have not been able to get to the BON site due to limited bandwidth. I was wondering if anyone had any idea what VIN they were at Wixom. Mine is 5689 and supposedly came off the line 11-19. The 800 number will not give any information on that VIN, so no news there. The local dealer says delivery on 12-10, but some of the recent deliveries seemed to be a little ahead of schedule. Anyone have any insight on schedules?
jodrod will tell you that deliveries are appearing to come in about 1 week ahead of the scheduled delivery time. That's because Ford gives a leeway in the delivery date of about 3 to 4 weeks because they don't have control over the cars once they leave the factory for the shipping company.
My car (106587) is scheduled for this week and I have arranged to tour the Wixom plant on Friday morning, so I may get to see it. If anyone there sees it around, would appreciate hearing about it, Thanks.

VIN 106587 White, White

Based on the vin numbers on the last 2 to 3 cars coming into my area (Va) they have all been in the high 5500 to 5600's. Hope that is some indication as to your ETA. Most of the ones coming into my area have been running 7 to 13 days improved over what the Ford 800# will tell you .... plus better than even the dealer's estimates. Your car will probably go to a rail yard and be carried by car carrier from that point, based on your location!!! With a little luck, you could possibly be seeing your new bird within the next 5 to 7 days. Good luck and Happy Holidays!!
Thanks for the information and that concurs with the general information I am hearing. As a result, I have developed a "gut" feeing that my car will reach the Dallas area rail site this week and it will make it to my dealer early next week. Now let's wait and see if my gut is right.
Joe: Don't know if this is the proper place to ask, but, can anyone interpret priority codes for me. My order says priority code: 30

Jim Williams
Here is a new arravel in York Pa. Second of dealers 12 cars. I gave you the last 6 numbers of this car a couple of weeks ago but I don't think this # is right.It is 1FAHP60AX2Y think I coped the wronge number off the sticker. It is a red on red premium with a black int. But No Extra lights on the front.Can't belive they ordered it that way and neither can the salesman.It arrived in York on Nov.26 this is all the imfo I have on this car. Dealer does not seem to want to take the time to go into detail about anything else. BUT they ARE selling for MSRP.
Saw my first bird on the street. At the post office in Franklin, TN. VIN 102427, Red, Red, full red interior, premium. Licensed in Williamson County, TN.

VIN 106587 White, White
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Someone gave a more authorative explanation many postings ago, but in general, priority codes are a way for dealers to specify the order of production for their full allotment. 10 is the highest priority (for customer orders) and 99 is the lowest (for stock purchases). I believe dealers are free to use whatever numbering arrangement they wish as long as they don't assign duplicate codes. My order started out as #7/24 in my dealer's queue, and I received a priority code of 16. Now I've moved up to the #4 position, but I'm not sure if my priority number decreased or some of the lower numbers increased.
Priority codes are pretty simple with Ford. The highest priority code is 10 meaning this will be built before 11 and up. Dealers can assign priority codes to their orders so that when the computer goes to select from the order bank, it looks to the priority code to determine which order to pick next assuming all the components are available for that specific order. Dealers also assign a code as to whether the car is for stock or a sold unit. I am told that sold units have "priority" over stock units. Hope this explanation helps.

VIN # 105565 (triple black premium, dealer's #2 of 17).

Arrived at dealership this morning (11/28). First one I've seen in person since the LL tour in July. Beautiful car. Car #3 (white premium) goes to my wife, ETA of 12/17.
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