Vanity Plates again

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My personalized tags say FLYBRD...have had them on my two other birds ever since 1989.

Birds fly, don't they? And I'm going to have a hard time keeping this one under the speed limit...

White/White premium; full red accent interior; no VIN yet

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I, too, have been contemplating a personalized plate for New Blue 02. I made the mistake of asking for help from some of the comedians I work with. All they could come up with was "BLD SPT"--Bald Spot. They thought it was much funnier than I did. But I still grin as I speed away from them in my Bird, when all they can see is tail-lights (and the bald spot).
Hugh in Houston
Haven't ordered mine yet...have been asking friends for suggestions. The funniest one so far is 2GOOD4U. I thought it was clever, but don't want to get my tires slashed.

TBIRD II - My License Plate
tr cruiser, RETRO is also short for RETROSPECTIVE which means to look back, evoking memories, reminescent of another time, etc. We think that's what the car does for us. Sorry I didn't reply sooner.
We also have other T-Birds and plates which I had posted once on another thread. My wife's 96 LX is T BIRD 96, our 79 Town Landau which we also bought new from the same dealer in October, 1978, is MY T BIRD. Our 59 hardtop is T BRD 59, our 59 convertible was A COOL 59, (we sold it last spring), and our daily driver 98 Grand Marquis LS is TBIRD X 4.
Yellow premium, full accent 4127

My favorite comedy bit in Gumball Rally is when the driver on the Ferrari team, I believe, rips the rear view mirror off the windshield and remarks on the unimportance of anything already behind them. I wouldn't go that far, but to quote J. Mays in an early press release about the new car
It's not retro. While the Ford Thunderbird Concept is loaded with heritage cues, it is a decidedly modern machine. This hints at the direction we plan to take when we bring back the production car early in the next century. full quote
I'm only half serious about this, really. I don't have any problem with someone calling the look retro. It was basically a case of having to come up with something clever with only six characters and a half space to work with on the California Arts plate.

i'm new to this board, and i believe that i have a blue t-bird coming within a couple of weeks.
As far as personalized plates, i'm thinking of the following:
THD ROAD (or some variation)

Any comments as far as what stands out better? I'm hoping you can easily guess where I'm coming from...if you've got a better idea, let me know!
Kayo, are you implying "Thunder Road"? If so, I'd say your second example worked for me, and not the first.

Being a Springsteen fanatic, I had considered a similar plate as well. I think I was mulling over "THNDR RD" -- but it was too many letters for my plate.
SoCal Tbird, that gave me a good laugh. like most of his post did. john

Blue/Blue Prem. w/full accent
In my Garage as of 1/25 #6333 LIC: BLU TB
My personalized plate is "R 3RD BRD" because we have a 55 and a 57 T-Bird also, all three black. My company car is silver and my wife's is white.

My personalized plate is "R 3RD BRD" because we have a 55 and a 57 T-Bird also, all three black. My company car is silver and my wife's is white.

Here is some of the brainstorming my wife and I did to name our yellow bird:


We liked the suggestion of tweede so we will probably do that one or meloylo.
I just posted a pic on the yahoo site of my license plate and handle. It's listed under Gobird. For anyone that is interested.

02 T-Bird
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I come up with lots of ideas that no one else ever gets.

Does this one work for you guys:


Tom M
I chose NMTBRD here in Georgia and somoeone recently suggested a better definition than Neiman Marcus T-Bird. Their interpretation was "Not Mama's T-Bird". I'm not sure my wife cared for that interpretation though.
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