Vanity Plates again

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I know this has been discussed a couple times. But thought it would be cool to post vanity plates you ACTUALLY have on your Tbird or currently on another car waiting.

By the time I got around to it ended up with.


BTW: Edit, ONLY on the back front is in the glove box.


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Mine is the same as my handle, GOBIRD , been on all 5 of my Birds and is now on the 6th 02 Bird.

02 T-Bird
69 Vette
73 MGB
97 F-150 4x4
2-Seadoo Jet Skies
a dog a cat and a couple hundred fish in my pond

My yellow bird has "TWEEDE"

Yellow/Yellow Prem. 02 Bird w/full accent
1999 F150 Super Cab 4x4 Off Road
1998 Taurus SE Sport 24V
Ours is RETRO 55, a plate we had for 2 years on Connie's 96 LX while we waited. Her new plate in T BIRD 96. Our 02 only has the plate on the back so far. A front plate is required in IL but the car is out so seldom. Apologies to those who don't think of the car as "retro".

Yellow premium, full accent 4127
Mine is "NO RTRO" since 'retro(grade)'has certain negative connotations and I think of the 2002 as a new design that stands on its own.
NM-T-BIRD Ohio plate. It was on a 1927 Model T for the 1st year.
TBIRD02 - Michigan plate on back only. Put on minivan until Bird landed. Got the scenic plate that shows a sunset, which has a blue that looks great with the Thunderbird Blue.
Keep your fingers crossed, I'm going to the tag agency after work to order RTBRD or RBRD if they are still available, they were as of 2PM today. I'm limited to 5 digits because it is a speciality plate.

ordered about 30 days ago, so it should be here soon - "SWEET 02"

neiman vin#00035
delivered October 4, 2001
BTW - I ordered a second plate to keep and eventually frame with a picture of the car. Will likely mat with a copy of title, registration, some of the stickers, etc. Perhaps get an additional metal plaque too. Michigan charged $5 or 10$ for the extra as I recall. We add stickers for several years to renew the plates, and I wasn't sure of the condition it would be in when it finally comes off of the car.
Have the plate waiting for the Bird it's on my Riviear now

"SUMRBRD" Summerbird

It's only a summer time car

I've had T02 Bird registered to my '93 SC300 since August. 02T Bird was already taken. I just turned in my leased GS today...hoping to pick up my new baby this Saturday.

I got BLU TB and it's been on my Miata for almost a year now. It will go on the new blue bird as soon as I can get to the DMV and have it switched. have to do it soon, casue have a looker coming tonite for the miata.

Blue/Blue Prem. w/full accent
In my Garage as of 1/25 #6333 LIC: BLU TB
As previously posted
2002 LIL BRD
Ontario requires both front & back plates
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