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Hello everyone, getting ready to tune up my 04' with new plugs & wires with new coils. (its starting to hesitate) I found a good price on Motorcraft stock coils for 118.00 including plugs!!! That's a savings of about 275.00!!!!
Does anyone have info on a better brand name for coils?
Also I'm thinking of adding a power chip if their available for the 3.9.
Adding about 20 horses at 3500rpm would sparkle things up some.
Plus, the suspension has loosened up now that I've added about 800 miles.
The car is obviously not a sports car but its not supposed to ride over smooth
bumps like a 66' Caddy either!
Can I stiffen this up some changing the lateral links and short sway bars?
Or do I need to go for springs and adjustable shocks?

as for the hesitation can that be an air sensor as opposed to coils?
Can I check the coils on a computer?

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Hi Doc, I'm back:)
Having copmputer issues.... I may need a new one
Anyway, I like your approach to do complete coils and plug relacements. The price is nice as well. Is it an independant or a Ford/Lincoln dealer (Now that may be a dumb question). I agree, stay with MotorCraft
Many owners have added a chip for horsepower. I'm mot that electro-mechanical, but I did go with a guy that had it done. I believe before he agreed to have it done the shop told him that he would get a printout of HP, before and after chip install...So you may want to ask your shop ths same. I guess it's proof that you do get increased HP.

Early on owners had the X Brace underneath loosen up causing chatter or vibration in the cabin and a rough ride. If you deal with a Ford or Lincoln dealer they can look up your cars history on their OASIS System to see if that was ever an issue and if the bolts were tightened up. I think the spec was 49 foot pounds. Or they could check the X brace to see if there are any loose bolts.
I'll check to see if I can get more data.

As for sensors, now you're over my head. However, if you can find a steep hill to go up black off on the accelereator to make it labor up the hill. If the hesitation gets worse, usually that means coils.
Hope this helps and keep us tuned in.

I rpelaced my coils and plugs about 18 months ago or more, I opted for the cheaper range and bought them through a supplier from Florida about $65 a complete set of the knock off versions and they are running fine. The plugs are bosch iridium, usually a good deal from either amazon or ebay. easy to change as well.

I ahve noticed a wear in the original lateral links on the back end of the TBirds, I got mine (original parts) via a seller on ebay and they are a few minutes to replace, worth it as the back is a lot tighter for me on my 2002. Just yesterday had to swerve to avoid a large SUV that started to change lane a sI was in it alongside them, this was at 75 mph and it was a violent swerve as it was so sudden, she didn't lose control at all, no rear end sliding.

When ever I see a TBird for sale the lateral links are always worn out even with very little mileage.
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