Torrneau snap

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Would some of you please check to see if the snap (pop rivet)on the car surface is solid or moves around a little. The outside snaps on mine are a little loose and the four other ones are in solid. Is it the same on yours..?

I had one that was missing (or fell out)and the rag top shop put in a new one and it moves around alittle, and they were concerned that the other outside one was going to fall out also.

Any help would be appreciated....Joy

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On my car.. The ones on the car are solid... The outboard ones on the cover have a little movement from side to side..
Just got my bluebird two weeks ago and the My driver's side snap came loose over the weekend. I noticed the flapping noise as I was driving. Brought it to my dealer this AM and they have ordered a replacement. My guess is the driver's side snap is the most stressed, given the manual instructions. I suggested that the dealer notify Ford that this was a problem, if more of us have the same problem sounds like a reengineering of the snaps is in order. Bill

Bill T
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