Thunder on 66 Itinerary and changes

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OK, Folks-

Below you'll find the itinerary for Thunder on 66. And now for the changes-I have been informed by the group that is hosting the IC that if any non-member wishes to participate in the International Convention, they will have to pay an additional fee of $50. Santa Monica will not be included at the end of the cruise, for two reasons-would take over two hours to get there from our last stop, and that really isn't the end of 66-in fact, there was no set start or end-those spots were just generally thought of as the start/end points.

On August 13th, 2002, Thunderbirds and their owners will meet at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Elgin, IL to start what will be the longest Cruise ever-down historic Route 66. Planned stops along the Route include Funk's Grove, IL, Springfield, IL, Odell, IL, Rolla, MO, Springfield, MO, Joplin, MO, Baxter Springs, KS, Afton, OK, Claremore, OK, Oklahoma City, OK, Hydro, OK, Clinton, OK, McLean, TX, Adrian, TX, Tucumcari, NM, Santa Rosa, NM, Santa Fe, NM, Gallup, NM, Holbrook, AZ, Joseph City, AZ, Winslow, AZ, Flagstaff, AZ, Winona, AZ, Williams, AZ, Seligman, AZ, Needles, CA and Rialto, CA, where a contigent from the Funbirds of Southern California will meet and escort us to the end of Route 66 in Santa Monica and on to the Wyndham Costa Mesa.

Overnight stops are planned for St. Louis, MO-Carthage, MO-Weatherford, OK-Amarillo, TX-Albuquerque, NM and Kingman, AZ.

Mini-shows are planned for the stops in Weatherford and Albuquerque and the largest Show n Shine ever will take place in Adrian, TX. Over 500 classic cars are expected, and parking is provided courtesy of the Texas Dept. of Transportation-one mile of Route 66 westbound will be closed to traffic, so that participants in the MidPoint Show n Shine can park their vehicles in front of the cafe. The event is sponsored by the MidPoint cafe and Route 66 Magazine, with live music from the 50s and 60s by the Boomerangs, and a banquet featuring a guest appearance by Martin Milner, star of the original Route 66 TV show-other surprises and appearances are being planned!ct

The run will start with an informal dinner and meeting in the Crowne Plaza's Banquet room at 5pm on August 13th, 2002, where maps and radios will be handed out to each chosen group leader. The cars and their drivers will be broken up into groups of 20 at that time-this will ease the load of the caravan trying to travel en masse, and possibly causing problems with traffic flow. The lead and tail vehicle from each group will be provided with warning beacons and magnetic signs letting other vehicles know that a convoy is ahead, and to observe caution when passing. Ford Motor Company has graciously offered the use of two vans that will carry emergency supplies and basic tools for any needed repairs along the way. Arrangements are being made for any major breakdowns, however, all participants are encouraged to go through their vehicle and make sure it is ready for the trip-at one point we will be passing within 100 miles of Death Valley, California.
On August 14th, the group will depart at 6:30am for Navy Pier, where photo and video opportunities will take place for the local media from 7:30-8:30am. At 9am the Run starts, and we will follow Route 66 to the first overnight stop in St. Louis, MO, arriving at the hotels at approximately 6pm. The next morning, August 15th, we'll depart at 8am, traveling to Carthage, MO, where we'll arrive at our hotels at approximately 6pm. On August 16th, we'll depart at 8am, arriving in Weatherford, OK at approximately 4pm, where we will setup our vehicles for display at an impromptu show hosted by Rick Koch Oil Co. August 17th, we'll depart at 8am, arriving in Amarillo, TX at 3pm. After preparation of our cars, we'll drive 40 miles to Adrian, Texas, to meet the rest of the clubs that will be participating in the MidPoint Show n Shine. A large tent is being provided as a hospitality area, and local and national media coverage will be provided by NBC, Speedvision and My Classic Car. A banquet will take place later in the evening, with an appearance by Mr. Milner, and presentation of awards and door prizes. The majority of the group will return to Amarillo for the evening. August 18th, we will depart from Amarillo at 8am, arriving at the next overnight stop in Albuquerque, NM at approximately 7pm. Mustang club will host a car show that evening. We depart from Albuquerque at 7am, arriving at our next overnight stopping point, Kingman, AZ, at approximately 8-9pm. The 18th will be our longest day on the road, with frequent stops planned. We will depart Kingman at 8am, with our arrival at the Rialto's Wigwam Motel approximately 1:30pm.

Stops are planned for every 200 miles for fuel and breaks, to accomodate those members who are traveling in the older Thunderbirds, which don't get great fuel economy. Meals will be the responsibilty of each group-lists of Route 66 eateries will be available.

With the participation of Katie Couric and the Today Show, this event promises to be one of the premiere happenings for the Thunderbird community. I hope to see you somewhere along the "Mother Road!"
Tony, you mention a $50 fee for non-members, but according to the membership application, annual **** dues are only $30. Am I missing something? Is there a separate registration fee for the cruise? Will participants share the same overnight accommodations and will there be group discounts? Is space limited?

Sounds like it will be quite a production. Hope I can make it!
TR-there are always separate registration fees for the events that **** holds. The thirty dollar fee that you mention is the membership fee for the club, which includes the $20 subscription costs for the Scoop.

There are only a few hotels on the cruise where everyone will stay together-the rest we have split the group up to different hotels, due to the number of rooms, but I have tried to keep the hotels within a mile of the others.

Most of the hotels are giving our group a subtantial discount.

I presume that the details (hotels, reservations, approx. costs, etc.) will be coming soon and/or will be in the Scoop magazine.
Tony -

You mentioned once the possibility of using Amtrak for the return trip. Is that still a possibility?
What is the member's fee? Is it possible to generate an approximate budget for anticipated expenses (excluding car expenses like fuel, etc)?
BTW - I got my **** pack today - I am bonafide!
I am now working on the details and reservation info-they will be covered both in the Scoop, and in a separate mailing to each participant.

AmTrak will only run the AutoClub train on the east coast-they said they would not even consider using it for a trip out west. Too bad-they could have had a good time with the Thunderbird owners aboard!

I'm working to get the best prices I can for everyone, however, I don't think there is any way that I could come up with a definitive budget for everyone.

I should remind folks here that we expect them to make sure their cars are ready for this trip-I am preparing for minor breakdowns, and arrangements are being made for the possiblity of a major breakdown, but the final responsibility for the condition of the cars will rest with the owners.

Tony - my wife and I are really giving this trip serious consideration. Too bad the auto train idea didn't pan out. Not sure I want the mileage or can take the time to drive Florida to Calif and back. Nervous about shipping to start and/or back - coordinating flights, etc. It really sound like a blast!
Another update for you Thunder junkies!! LOL

I now have a roughed out map available in .pdf format-let me know if you would like to see it. It includes the driving directions.

Tony, why not post it on a web site so we can download it if we want to see it? Maybe Dot's site or where Jodrod's database is kept.
To All,

I have placed all the Thunder on 66 information Tony has sent me on the Yahoo group site in the files section. They are in Adobe .pdf format and will require the Acrobat reader to be viewed.

The files can be found at:


The files of interest all start with Rt66...

I have checked all the files and they will download properly if you have the Acrobat reader.

When you get the pricing details for the various hotels along the route are you going to post them?

The wife and I have wanted to take a trip out west and this may be the perfect opportunity but we will need to figure finances.
Well-in another 30 days I'll be sending out the second mailing for Thunder-has anyone received their first paclets yet, and are there any more folks here interested in the run?

jodrod: are you planning to drive round trip from FL?

Received mine either Fri. or Sat. Had I known that it was going to be the same thing that you posted I would have saved you the stamp and time to address the envelope.


Don't know the exact plan yet, the wife and I want to do a drive thru the Rockies/canyonlands and have not sat down and done any real thinking of how we are going to do it. Don't know if we will start with the group and then break off or join more towards the end of the run, still up in the air.
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