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Only in Beverly Hills. The latest AutoWeek has a picture of a Thunderbird Police Car. It says Ford donated several cars to the Beverly Hills Police Department. They will have to call the Escape Patty wagon if they need to pick up or haul off prisoners. LOL.

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Where do they put their PC's , radio , and SHOT GUN in this car? Would like to see a pic of this car.

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It is amazing what Ford can do for publicity while we enthusiasts wait extremely long for deliveries. This article says that, "Ford supplied a fleet of new Thunderbirds to soften the image of the men and women in blue in Berevly Hills, CA". With all the gear, radios etc. required to do their jobs, this is probably the worst car for those officers. On top of this, celebrities are getting cars because they "know someone" (from my readings on this site). All while we continue to wait patiently. By the way, it does look sharp and I still am waiting for my place in the build cycle.

Ford used to (may still) lease vehicles (like Town Cars, Continentals, etc.) to the Dearborn Police Department for $1 a year to get severe "real world" duty. I'm sure the vehicles will be taken back to Ford Engineering and each piece will be analyzed by the design groups for wear and tear under heavy duty use.

The thought of a New Thunderbird bouncing over curbs sends a chill down my back.
Bogus posting from my point of view... To much cheap markup on the picture... The proportions and the orientation of the inserts such as the door star logo are not even in sync with the picture...

Looks like a 5 year old's first picture markup project... Lucky they were did not have to markup a female officer in the picture, she would have looked like one of the Marx brothers....
Glad yo uall caught that, cause I was going to point out that it's a computer mockup. The car they used IS a MN car, Chrome wheels and silver top. Remember, the top can look white from a distance. Look at Norman's pictures and you can see how easy it is to mistake the silver top for a white one. I'm pretty sure Ford didn't give ANY T-Birds to the Beverly Hills Cops or any one else for that matter. Sure, some people may have more pull than others, but they aren't going to give them away.
yes, no doubt that the picture is a mock-up, but i wondered if the story was true. years ago i remember the beverly hills police had nice range rovers as part of their squad. it would just make me sick to know that such an affluent police force would be given new cars, so i hope it's false.
It's a joke, folks-look at the entire last page-just Autoweek's version of car humor.

Although, as a Reserve Deputy for --- County Sheriff, the thought of driving an 02 Thunderbird as a police vehicle does have its merits! *G*

I'll stick with our "modified" 93 LX 5.0 that is used for catching speeders on Highway --.

Did you really think I would post which department I work with, and the highway I sit on? LOL

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