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Just a note to say thank you. You guys do a great job and a great service by providing the Thunderbird Forum. So....Thank you very much. It is appreciated and I am sure others will want to say thanks as well.
YES..Many THANKS to tbird & jodrod for all of your input. A similar THANK YOU to all who have posted and have been so helpful.

With the weather finally breaking,it will be a very exiting time to see more TBIRDS on the open road.

Thank you all again.

Amen. A great job by you two. I don't know how us car-less VIN-less souls would be able to stand the wait without the great info that ALL of you share on this site.

By the way, how many of you are also VINless?

The good news I am next in line at my dealer. So my car should be built by early April and I SHOULD have it just in time for
the Great Georgia Road Rally on May 4-5. keeping my fingers crossed...it will be close.

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Good job jodrod and tbird. Your information helps and is appreciated. Also, Jodrod, I appreciate your help via your recent emails. Thanks and keep up the good work. I'll be in touch when I get mine.

I would like to add my thanks also to TBIRD & JODROD. I don't post much but read a lot and appreciate all the comments from everyone!
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I would also like to add my thanks to TBIRD and JODROD. This group has been very helpful and the work to keep this going is not small, I am sure. I especially appreciated JODROD's database with which I was able to track the progress of my order pretty accurately.

Also, I learned a much which helped me make decisions about the car. To top it all off, the car is marvelous.

Thanks again.

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I too add my THANKS!!

This will be my first TBird and I have gained a great deal of information about the car and even other useful information.

Reading the posts daily, no almost hourly at times, has made the wait more bearable.
Thank you JodRod and Tbird for making this very special event in my life even more exciting and enjoyable.

I've been waiting for my Tbird since I first saw it on a carousel in the Ford Rotunda in Dearborn in 1955. I was 15 at the time, completely car crazy and about to get my NY drivers license. With school, career, marriage and four kids in my future, the Tbird had no chance. A few years later (quite a few) when I first learned of Ford's plan to reintroduce the Thunderbird I knew I had to have that car. I found a way to get to the International Auto Show in Detroit in January 1999. When I returned home I put my name on the waiting list at a local SC dealer. Three years later the time has finally come.

If it wasn't for this forum I would have missed out on a lot! I've learned a lot from you and the other members, but most of all I learned about David Davis at Wixom. Without that knowledge I would not have been there when my baby was born (14:26:42 on March 7th). THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

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Great thanks to T-Bird Jodrod and all members
of this great forum. Has been great information and guidance for us all.
Keep up the good work we do appreciate it
and sometimes that goes unsaid.
Thanks to you all and the Wixom crews.
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several early Birds

A very special thanks to TBird & Jodrod and there work on this board, again to Jodrod and his work on the Yahoo site. Can't say thanks without saying thank you to Thenewbird2 (Dot) and her work with Yahoo and her sites. There are so many other people also - TRCruiser, Birdman93, Panz, Christi, joelja, Gobird, gmadams, yelobird, Wixom Pooh, and the hundreds of other people who have input their thoughts, ideas, humor and everything else that makes this board so fun to read 3 & 4 times a day. Thanks to all. Also a special thanks to Paula and her great Route 66 stories and pictures.

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TBird & Jodrod , I do not think I can add any more thank yous than are already listed above. But like some of the others, I read every night and post sometimes. With out you 2 and all the information on Dot's site the wait would have been unbearable!!!---Dot, I sure hope you get yours soon.

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Yep, great job and kudos to you both. If I could be so bold as to make a suggestion. Could you put page # links behind the titles of the messages, so we could go directly to page "4" if we have already read through page "3", for example. This was a nice feature on the BON site. Since I'm not very computer savvy, I don't know how easy this is, so forget it if it is a major hassle. I'm sure you have enough to do.

Thanks again,


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I made a huge mistake by not also thanking Dot for her all her help. She and George stopped by here twice in the last two weeks on their way to and from Seattle. She is my computer role model and they have both been friends of ours for many years! THANKS AGAIN DOT!
I want to also thank everyone who has submitted data to me for inclusion in the database, without your help there would not be a database for others to refer to.

It is a labor of love and I receive a great deal of pleasure from being able to help others "manage the wait".

Fortunately for me the wait was short, I was 6 of 8 (propably due in the May timeframe) but the owner of the #1 cancelled and since his car was identical to mine the dealership offered it to me. I have a hard time fathoming what it must be like to have been waiting since '99.

Thanks to all.

I'd like to add my thanks to all of the above (and then some) the wait was torture but I haven't stopped grinning since JWBIRD arrived last week. You're a wonderful bunch and I wish I could meet each and every one of you. Jim W.

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ditto, ditto, ditto!

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I would also add my thanks and appreciation to Jodrod/TBird. Almost as importantly thanks to all of the folks who post here. Almost every time someone asks a question, I learn something. Every time someone takes delivery of their new Bird,and posts about it,I get to share in their joy.
I told the Director of Sales at my dealership that he would do a better service to his customers by giving them the info to access this site than reviewing the owner's manual with them. LOTS more useful (and fun) info here than in that thick book!
Again thanks Jodrod and TBird + the rest of the posters to this forum.
Ever since I started researching the new bird, and converted that into my beautiful blue/blue/black prtemium bird, reaching all the way into Montana for it from New Jersey, this forum , and Dot's, has been my source for information and support for my efforts. It still is my information central on this wonderful car


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