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TBird Amateur Radio Operators

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by atouk, Aug 22, 2019.

  1. Are there any on here?

    Share some rig antenna mount tips. The rig isn't an issue, but advice on a 2m/70cm antenna without drilling. Magmounts are obviously off the table...
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  2. Waltbird

    Waltbird Walt & Conny Birdsong Lifetime Donor

    Why do you need another antenna? o_O
  3. Ham (amateur) radio involves receiving AND transmitting with antennas of specific design for the desired bands (frequencies). Most mobile operation is done on 2m (144 mhz) and 70 cm (430 mhz) using repeaters.

    Repeaters are fixed location radio receivers/transmitters, usually operated by clubs, that receive your transmission, then re-transmits at a higher power on a slightly different frequency to extend your range. The mobile unit in the car typically transmits at 25-75 watts, and the repeater, 250 watts (although with a much more efficient antenna system, usually atop a tower for even better results).

    Some repeaters are even linked together so that keying up your local repeater can enable you to talk to people several States away.

    (Note: Amateur radio is NOT CB. Operators are licensed by the FCC and require passing tests for the different classes of operation. Technician, General and Extra.)
  4. Waltbird

    Waltbird Walt & Conny Birdsong Lifetime Donor

  5. KB6YPT

    Don't operate from the Bird but will follow your posts with interest.
  6. constable

    constable Active Member Lifetime Donor

    Yes, We communicate from our 2004 Bird...Fixed antenna (windshield) WB3BHQ
  7. Antenna type/brand/model?

    I'd also love to see a pic where you have your rig mounted.
  8. constable

    constable Active Member Lifetime Donor

    WOUXUN Multi-Band model KG-UVD1P WITH MIRAGE -bd35 MOBILE AMPLIFIER & Headset w/ microphone> Antenna is Dual Band (144-70cm) flat plastic (home made from ARRL specifications) wiring pressed between 2 pcs FLEXIBLEplastic and suction cup to front window...Power under 5 wats and will try and take a picture at some point-WHAT ARE YOUR CALL LETTERS ???

  9. The rig I planned to put in is a Radioddity QB25. It's a nice small multi band unit with 25 Watts output. I was thinking behind the seat. I'm a bit stuck on the antenna, though. I absolutely won't drill any holes. and I don't want to do anything to ruin the lines of the car. I may be stuck with a glass mount on the front windshield.

    Callsign is N2VFL. Was going to wait until the callsign plates came in to post a pic.

    New headlights and chrome surround since that pic.
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  10. constable

    constable Active Member Lifetime Donor

    N2VFL: Did you receive my QSL Card ???WB3BHQ

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  11. Yup. I was going to hit you back when I get mine from the printers.
  12. constable,

    Yes, I got your QSL card -Thank you. I'm a Technician and don't operate mobile or have QSL cards. I do have a 4-element 10 meter beam on a 40' tower and a 2 meter beam on a push-up mast. I get on the air maybe once every 2-3 years? Wanted to follow this thread to see what others have done & what's possible.
  13. AK7AN Here, Do not operate mobile, unless I can just use my handheld.. I don't think an antenna would enhance the classy looks of my 1964 Tbird..
  14. Finally have a radio installed. The checklist was, no holes drilled anywhere, no antenna mount that would affect paint finish, radio had to be visible, but not interfere with seating, visibility or controls.

    What I came up with is a Radiodity QB25 (quad band, but I'm only interested in 2m and 70cm), and a Bingfu glass mount dual band antenna. That with some old corner brackets and a pop rivet gun, mission accomplished.

    The antenna is mounted on the windshield, passenger side. From the seats, it's not noticeable unless you look for it. Coax was routed down the a pillar cover and under dash into the center console. Power was tapped off the left side lighter socket. The corner brackets were bent slightly to give them an offset, then the front of the center console was lifted, and the brackets fit under the lip as the cover is snapped back on.

    Gallery HERE.
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