Sure is quiet here

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Sure is awful quiet here and on the old BON. The new BON may be down, and a lot of people may not know about these sites, but their seems to be enough of us here to start communicating again.

Yellow/Yellow Prem. 02 Bird

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Heads up everyone. don't know when the new BON will be back on line so if you're reading this, sign on and start gabbing!! At least we'll know you're reading the websiteworld message board.
Just checking in...... I have been flip flopping back & forth from one board to the next. Sure hope Robert Lane or Robert Warner are tuned in!!!!!!! Apparently, some of the old BON members do not know about the other sites. I knew that the "bandwidth limits" was going to be a problem. Let's all hope for the best!! Let's be sure to keep jodrod up to date and try to get the word out to our friends on the other forums, where we are for the time being..........
From my post on the old BON

Agreed, we need volume. If I don't get new people giving me info, or the people that already have giving me updates, my data will eventually become useless. Since the new BON has been down my data source has dried up.

I personally like the new format and having the search enabled, something not available on either BON.

From websiteworld's post on the old BON, it seems to indicate that bandwidth will not be a problem here. websiteworld, can you confirm that?

If websiteworld confirms, I would just a soon stay here.

I've been to busy driving my wifes Bird...You buy your wife this car for her anniversary and you have to twist her arm to drive it. So far about 400 miles...Drives great...quite and smooth...Love to wash it no break dust on front wheels. This car gets lots of attention, like my Prowler did when I first got it...Attracts crowds everywhere...people have lots of questions. I also have a 360 Modena and a new Z06 Vette...Have had many high end sport cars....and am critical of certain cars...I'm so impressed with the way this car drives I plan on getting my own. My wife got rid of her slk 320 for the bird.

I hope that everyone from BON finds this board as well. It's a great way to communicate across thousands of miles about such a unique vehicle with a lot of people who share something in common.

I'm still waiting on my TBird (VIN 5099). It has a ETA of this week. I had hoped that it would come in a week or so early, but the holiday last week might have interrupted their delivery schedules.
I too miss the informational exchange from the new BON. I was never on the old BON and had just found this site when the new BON got up and running. I find this site much more user friendly and also hope this is where we land.

I talked with my selling dealership in New York yesterday. He said Ford's computer system had been down for several days. This concurs with the lack of information on the 800 number. As far as I can determine, my car has been shipped, but no one has actually been able to verify that. My original delivery date was 12-10. I was hopeful it would beat that date but my optimism for an early arrival is diminishing. The anticipation and excitement are definitly building.

I've changed my link page to put a direct pointer to the websiteworld tbird discussions. Will also put the link on my homepage. Hope that will help bring everyone over here. My own pages get about 250 hits /day (on the first page) and there are only 88 signed up members on this site. I'm pretty sure that most of those that visit my pages also visit the bon & possibly this site so wish the lurkers would sign in here.
If we use this site and leave the bon for the mustang people, that will take some of the bandwidth load off of the bon.

I agree, if you look at the forums home page, the BON is definately a Mustang site and so far this site has been all TBird. It would probably serve both factions if the Bird people come here.
Ok, so is this where where we're going to hang out? I must say old BON, new BON,or what ever, I need my daily Bird fix now that mine is resting in a heated garage.
We had 12" of snow yesterday! Wonder how Paula would do in that?
Good morning, everyone!!

Well-had surgery yesterday on my knee-everything went better than expected-I have always been a fast healer, and the doc confirmed what I has suspected-the meniscus repaired itself, and the only thing he had to do was remove a large bone spur that was irritating the tissues.

So I'm back at home now, and will soon be sending out the Itinerary/Registration Forms for Thunder on 66.

Still here and still waiting on my VIN...#4 of 7, should be getting close!

White/White premium; full red accent interior; no VIN yet
Hi All

TBirdTim and Dallas02Bird- please let me know your initial impressions of your baby when it arrives.

Chief- snow already ? Its seasonably warm here in Michigan- no snow- not even talk of snow
our grass is still green

If this is the board we are going to use I do have a few email addresses for fellow members on BON- should I send then a note and let them know that we have switched?

Won't be returning to work until 12/3 so I may just be lurking until then.

Birdman93- please send me the info.. I would like to show it to some people at work- maybe we can set something up so we can catch up with you somewhere during the trip.

Glad to here from ya again.

As far as the switch goes, I don't think all votes have been counted yet (and here in FL that could take a while). However, since the new BON is still down it would not hurt to advise people of this board.
Hi All, have been lurking on the board and
am glad to be a part from out here in Arizona
Have received build date of 12-10 on my
red premium red top full red accent order
jodrod has on list Vin # 1FAHP60A32Y107287
keep up the great information line,
and thanks. am waiting for the big day of
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Never really left- just haven't been at work for the past two weeks and didn't have any news to report.

Have been so busy around here- first Thanksgiving and now Christmas- I don't think it will ever end. Hubby and I spent at least 12 hours this past weekend putting up lights on the outside of the house.. with more on the way (thanks Paula)...

Will let some of the others know that we are using this board (for now).
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