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I know joining a new group such as this can be exciting and fun and extremely informative, but I have a simple suggestion for you. Before you post a question, try searching out the topic or word and read what's been said in the past. I am sure, almost ever topic has been discussed here and there is a wealth of information on many of the older posts. Info such as top hoists, car covers, delivery date estimates and service intervals just to name a few. All I'm saying is, try NOT to start a new chain on an old subject. The answers are probably already here. Your comments and suggestions and insite is always very much appreciated, but asking the same questions over and over again can get a little tiresome. I don't mean to offend anyone with this, but am only suggesting that a little research can go a long way.

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Your posting is not without merit and validity, however, there are new members joining this forum regularly.... they most likely will not be familiar with what has been discussed prior to their joining this fun,informative and exciting group !! They also, without alot of involvement and research, may not have the expertise that the veteran members have. Not to downplay your posting, I encourage all members new and old to use the forum wisely and with discretion, however, to come forth with their questions and concerns........ and as veteran members we should "aid and assist" wherever possible.There are many more new T-Birds to be built in this model year and lots of new owners that will want answers. For this forum to be a total success, we need the input from all sources possible.
I wasn't suggesting anything other than "look before you leap". I would always look around, read posts and get a feel for what's happening before I jumped into anything. I guess I was reacting to one day when there were 3 new threads started on the same subject. It seemd to me that there was little or no thought into finding an answer before they were posted and it seemed to me that something should be said about research.
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