Storage rack for hard top?

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2002 RedBird

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Aug 28, 2002
Someone said they read that Mercedes has an automatic rack for the hard top that hooks to the ceiling of the garage. Is there one for our TBirds?
2002 Red Bird:

Welcome to the forum. Good choice of too! I just installed a top hoist from EZ Top. Not the cheapest, but probably the best. The website is Phone 713-694-4505. Emil at EZ Top will deal with you in the manner that your T-Bird deserves. Nothing but the best.

Thanks! I'll get in touch with Emil and tell him you sent me.

I believe that Spence has an electric top lift. You could contact him to get his impression about that one. Contact him via email at SPKJAD@*******.
He helped me in the past with my questions. That's what this forum is for.
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