Southern California Gathering -- February 24, 2002

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On February 24, 2002, any and all Californian's are encouraged to converge on Santa Barbara for a gathering of new 2002 Thunderbird Owners.

TrCruiser has already picked a great spot and I am asking him to take the lead on securing it for us that day around 12:00 p.m. That should give us all time to get there in a leisurely manner.

I am planning on leaving the night before and will probably look for a good spot for those of us coming in the night before to land. I post the details.

So far, we've got two Black Premiums, one Yellow Premium and one Blue Premium from Southern California.

Let's keep this thread going heavy until the date so we get the maximum number of birds.

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TRcruiser has suggested Be Bop Burgers. Check it out at He has a call into the owner and will know more about parking when we have an idea about our numbers.

I am in and around SB on Wednesday and will check it out personally.

If anyone is interested in joining this bird convergence, post up here and send me an e-mail at rt2esq@*********

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All Californians,

Looks like there just might be a little press at this "shindig".

TRcruiser is heading up the caravan from the Bay Area. I assume he'll be attacking the Coast via Highway 1.

Myself and other from Southern California will be heading up the Coast past Malibu and into the back door of Ventura and then to S.B.

Please post if you are interested. I am seeing whether we can get some sponsorship for this cruise from my friend who owns Lompoc Valley Ford.

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It's about a six-hour drive down 101 from San Jose to Santa Barbara [depending on traffic and law enforcement
]. It's much longer [but more scenic] via the PCH. You could also take I5 for a straight shot part way [but why?]. Because of the travel time, many will want to overnight near SB, and fortunately off-season rates apply. More on accommodations later.
Are we going to Santa Barbara Sat or Sun.?
Looks like we meet in L.A. Sun. morning &go up coast together?

Let's see how many we have. Ideally, I think we should all cruise up together. However, I might need to get up there early if this thing blows up larger than expected.

I am already counting 4-5 birds from the Greater Los Angeles area.

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Sorry that I won't be able to drive up to the gathering. I'll try to make it next time.
Hope that you all have a good time.

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Rt2esq was going to do an on site inspection in SB today and report back later. Send him an email if you want to be included in the cruise news.
Still waiting on Be Bop. We didn't make it to the cafe but did travel through S.B. I am having my friend in S.B. contact the owner for me and will report back next week.

My concern is reserved parking. Everything else looks good.

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We're in. Noon reservations for the 2/24/02 Cruise to Santa Barbara. Place looks good. Reserved 10 primo spots in front of the restaurant. The food looks a bit on the casual side, but, the location is 3/4 block away from the Santa Barbara pier and 1/2 block from the train station.

How do I post a pic here?? Let me know so I can post up a photo I shot.

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to post a photo:
First you'll need a webhost for the photo:
try sending a photo to "tbird" as he said he would host photos for this forum if you don't have a webhost of your own. His email is at the bottom of this page.

then you'll need to use some ubb codes which the moderator doesn't appear to have listed on the ubb code page so I'd just head on over to the BON and get the code from the faq page there, but to make it short:
after the url for the picture with no spaces inbetween.

or just post the photo on the newtbirddata site

Hope that helps you.
The gathering is on for 2/24/02 at Noon at Be Bop Burgers. B3 is located at 111 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA., (805) 966-1956.

TRcruiser and I are talking today on the phone about details, media etc. We will post all the details tomorrow.

In the meantime, let's do some posting for all Californian's interested and coming. I'm in!!

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tr cruiser and I just had a conversation over the phone afternoon about details. One of us will be posting details later this week.

As far as the So. Cal group, I was thinking we meet for breakfast in Hollywood at Mel's Drive-In on Sunset Blvd., and then take off up the Coast. Will post details later.

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Hey all havea conflict on the 24th but put me down for the next one. The Blue Bird will be parked in the garage that day...

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