Soft Top Wrinkles and Wear

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When I had a Sebring convertible, I noticed that over a few years, the soft top fabric would get some permanent wrinkles and shiny rub spots coming from when I drove with the top down and it rubs against itself in the fold-down position.

I'm not getting my car until next weekend, but I'm curious about something.......

My question is this for those of you who have had your cars for a while, and especially anyone who has driven with the hardtop on most of the time - Since you have the top stored in the fold-down position most of the time, are you noticing any wear spots or permanent creases in the soft top that are particularly annoying when you put it back up?

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I had my soft top up last week for the first time in 3 months. It looked perfect and showed no signs of wear. There was, however a line of dust just above and on the upper protion of the rear window. It cleaned up just fine. Hardtop is back on again and I guess it'll be another month before I take it off for the summer. I intend to store the hardtop and not use it again until next winter.
I have not noticed any creases, however along the top of the rear top frame I have noticed that there is a discoloration running the full length. The discoloration is particularly pronounced at where the top starts to move down towards the body of the car. I think that it has more to do with stretching than anything else.
This question is for previous owners of a
convertible. If you don't have any intention
of removing the Bird top. Could there be a
problem with the hinges locking or freezing

I'm just curious if would be a problem for

The top mechanism is like any other mechanical thing, it needs to be used on occasion just to prevent what you are concerned about.

If you have no intention of running in convertable mode, I would suggest that several times a year remove the hardtop and raise and lower the softtop just to exercise it. Taking the top off and putting it back on is a easy task, even without a hoist, my wife (5'4") and I can do the entire operation in about 5 minutes.
Jodrod - I was talking with mother about
this and we decided it might be best to
ask the dealership to remove and test. This
could be during a oil change or any other service.

I could try removing the top, but all it
would take is one drop and $ wise, having
the dealer perform would be far ahead.

My Aunt said she's seeing quite a few T-Bird
out on the keys. They live south of you in
the Longboat/Siesta area. She drove a 66
till a small pickup totaled it.

That must have been a heck of a collision. I have a 66' Bird and there is some serious steel in the frame and body of that land yacht. Or else the insurance people wrote it off thinking is wasn't worth fixing.

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