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After I make a short trip in the car and shut it off, than start it again almost immediately, I get a large puff of smoke from the exhaust. If I let it sit for awhile than start it, nothing. It only has about 125 miles on it, maybe that's the reason. Does anyone else have this problem?..Thanks

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On older cars, smoke on startup is usually due to bad valve guides. But the smoke usually is worse the longer you let the car set.

The smoke could be oil on the cylinder walls due to rings not seating well. After setting for a while, the oil could drain off the walls,past the piston rings. Could get better when the rings seat.

If it is piston ring bypass, you should see smoke when using engine braking and then accelerating.

In any case, it does not sound good. I would show it to the service department. Maybe somebody left an oil wiper ring off in assembly.
Some chevy owners are having a similar
problem with the 5.3 motors. Responses have
traced it to a faulty PVC valve.

Chevy denies the problem but quite a few
are reporting on the Avalanche site. One
person took a video of the smoke.

?? on checking the PVC
If you have a new Bird and it smokes, there's a fix.
It has been claimed that when the humidity and outside air are a certain mix, smoking can occur. There is a computer download that also fixes rich mixture on cold start ups. The power control module get programmed to the latest calibration. It's covered under TSB 03-07-03 (Tech service bulletin)
Note: FYI, That TSB is for '02 and '03 Birds
.......mine is an 02 daily driver....60000km. it will puff on the odd occasion.....probably computer related....but no unusual oil consumption.....I don't worry about it......runs fine!......
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