Replacement colors poll on Yahoo!

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The cat is out of the bag-at least in some circles.

There will actually be three colors for the 2003 model run:

Sunset Coral-limited run-500 to 1000 Thunderbirds-we aren't sure of the exact numbers.

Gunmetal Grey

And the last color is described as a Robin's Egg Blue, which means that if they are using the Heritage Colors, would translate to Diamond Blue.

There you have it, folks-the new colors for 03!!

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Originally posted by RTBRD_aka_jodrod:
As Tony said, there you have it.

RTBIRD, I would guess the gunmetal grey is similar or the same as in the custom. Is the Sunset Coral and Diamond Blue similar to what was posted on your color chart? I think the blue you posted was called "Baby Blue". Is there a link where we can see the original heritage colors? Any news on interior colors? Thanks for the sleuthing ...
Originally posted by Birdman93:
I'll have a color chart showing the colors when I go to Ford next month.

Thanks Tony. Look forward to seeing the new colors next month. Curious if they'll be metallic or solid colors and what interior colors will be offered.
Tony, any news on a price increase in the states?
Interesting that you have heard it is a pinky salmon coral. My guy said he saw the color and he told me that they called it coral but he thought it was a burnt orange.
He definitely didn't say there would be a different blue!
His words to me were " I would take the blue 02 as it will be the collector color".

The grey will be nice if it is like the custom that was at Pebble beach, I to would be interested in the interior colors.
where would we be without them!
As far as I have heard the prices will stay at the current level-Ford wants these cars to be exclusive-not out of sight.

The Gunmetal Grey is the same as the Pebble Beach car-but will not use the same interior accents.

BTW-these are coming to me through the pipeline at Ford.
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I have closed the color poll on Yahoo! Here are the final results with 47 responses.

As we all know now, the actual colors were included and are in bold. When I created the poll the name for the blue was unknown, other than it was going to be a light blue, so Baby Blue is now Robin's Egg Blue.

Coral 51.06%
Grey, Gunmetal 40.43%
Silver 34.04%
Blue, Baby 29.79%
Champagne 23.40%
Green, Dark 23.40%
Blue, Royal 14.89%
Burgandy 14.89%
Orange, Burnt 14.89%
Aqua 10.64%
Teal 8.51%
Red, Brick 6.38%
Yellow, Bright 6.38%
Gold 4.26%
Green, Light 4.26%
Grey, Slate 4.26%
Peach 4.26%
Plum 4.26%
Beige 2.13%
Blue, Navy 2.13%
Lavender 2.13%
Brown, Saddle 0.00%
Fuchsia 0.00%
Olive 0.00%

Thanx for everyone's participation.

This information is simply to confirm what Birdman93 reported on 3/20/02.

On our 3/21/02 tour of the Wixom plant, two supervisors told Dave Davis, our tour guide and myself that Robin Egg Blue and Dark Slate Grey were the two new colors for 2003. That morning, Dave pointed out that three, 2003 Robin Egg Blue's were in production. I spotted two of them and noticed th last seven digits of the vin numbers were 1000002 & 3. Dave said the first series of the 2003 models produced would be use by Ford to check on the modifications made. The type of modifications made was not discussed but I did notice one change that I will list under 2003 modifications link.

I was allowed to take several pictures of the Birds in production, including the Robin Egg Blue. I will attempt to post these pictures in the next day or so.

Mike - West Chester, Ohio
Blue/Blue/Blue Premium - full accent
Expect delivery the first week of April

Whiskeyman, I would love to see pictures of the new colors and models, but are you sure it's all right to post them? Others who have taken the plant tour have said Ford permits photos only on condition that they not be published. I'd hate to see them clamp down on all photos because of one incident.
tr cruiser is exactly right. When Joelja and I took the tour, we were allowed to take pictures only with permission, especially when anyone was in the frame, and we were specifically asked NOT to publish them anywhere. They are for personal use only. Perhaps a way around this is to request a look via private e-mail rather than posting them on the web.
Even that (emailing) can pose a problem as he won't have control over what happens to the photo(s) after it leaves his computer. I'd be real careful as to who I'd send them off to.
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