Replacement colors poll on Yahoo!

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I have created a poll (Color Poll) on the Yahoo! site.

Everyone please check the first box when voting (allows me to keep track of the total number of votes) and then choose three of the 24 colors listed.

Incidentlly, the actual colors are included in the poll.

I have added a color chart (Color Chart) to give an idea of the colors listed.


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Joe, what's the differance between the aqua and the teal. Both are close to the tbird blue aren't they.

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Teal is what a lot of people think my Bird looks like.

02 T-Bird 9293
69 Vette
73 MGB
97 F-150 4x4
2-Seadoo Jet Skies
a dog a cat and a couple hundred fish in my pond

Since Ford is using what they call "Heritage Colors," Let me send you a shot of the colors from 1956-1960. That will give a more accurate idea of the colors being looked at.

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I have heard that the replacement color for Thunderbird Blue Metallic will be burnt Orange. I personally would have thought coral would be a better choise. I see your coral looks a lot like burnt orange. I would think it should have a tinge of pink, kind of art deco.
No decisions have been made on the replacement Heritage colors-that decision will be made in May-and they have 5 colors that they will choose from.

Joe-did you get the color charts I sent via email?
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Yes, I recieved them but the colors did not come out correct, for example, the torch red is a dark brown. I tried playing with them some but could not make the adjustments look right.

BTW, the actual colors are contained in the list.
The local Ford Store owner is a big wig in Ford of Canada. He was at a special meeting in California last week and his news is

he also said there will be a big price boost for 2003.
Blues will be history in 2003.
Leisha, wasn't sure from your post if you're saying that the two colors replacing Blue & Yellow in 03, will be Coral and Orange? I have a blue/blue on order, which I probably won't see until July, but will keep waiting, particularly if there will be no blues in 03, plus a big price increase. Thanks for the heads up.
Here are the results as of 3/20 with 45 responses:

Coral 53.33%
Grey, Gunmetal 42.22%
Silver 33.33%
Blue, Baby 31.11%
Champagne 22.22%
Green, Dark 22.22%
Burgandy 15.56%
Orange, Burnt 15.56%
Aqua 11.11%
Blue, Royal 11.11%
Teal 8.89%
Red, Brick 6.67%
Gold 4.44%
Green, Light 4.44%
Grey, Slate 4.44%
Peach 4.44%
Plum 4.44%
Yellow, Bright 4.44%
Beige 2.22%
Blue, Navy 2.22%
Lavender 2.22%
Brown, Saddle 0.00%
Fuchsia 0.00%
Olive 0.00%

roryf2: It's been a known fact since the beginning that the Blue and Yellow are both first year colors only. They will be replaced for 2003, but the 2 new colors are still speculation. Coral is a very safe bet for one of them, however, the other is still unknown.
Hi All

I can't let the cat out of the bag so to speak... but I can tell you that the "new" colors are included in the poll. And they were in the top 5 colors that were picked.

For those of you who are waiting for a blue or yellow bird.. they are scheduled to be built by the end of July. Production of the 03 being scheduled for August.
The color I was told was a orangy coral definitly not a pinky coral.
I had ordered an 03 and put my color preference as Coral, if offered, or Blue . I was told that my dealer had been assigned a couple of extra 02's and I could have the choice of a 02 in June as a blue or for $10000 to $12000 Canadian dollars extra, I could have a 03 in orangy coral.
The 10 to 12 thousand is my dealers estimate on the 03 price increase. It seems that due to the falling Canadian dollar compared with the US dollar since sometime in 2001 when the price was established that Ford Of Canada is loosing money on each one sold in Canada but do not want to upset customers who have had cars on order for over a year with a hefty price increase.
It seems a lot of Cabadian cars are being sold in the US at auctions for $10000 to $150000 Canadian dollars more than they are purchased for in Canada. Since a lot of US dealers are getting $50000US and more, for the cars. The 03 increase will probably include some stuff not offered in 02. HEATED / COOLED SEATS? The other color I heard was Grey.
I opted for the 02!
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