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Is there a tech area on any site for the Thunderbirds yet to discuss repair problems and recalls. My passenger side window failed to drop down when closing only 2 days after delivery. When I went in for service they were thrilled to finally work on a thunderbird (scared me). The problem turned out to be a known flaw in the computer chip. They simply reprogrammed the thing without touching anything on the door. This kind of information could be very usefull to anyone taking car back to dealers for same problem before someone takes a door apart.

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Reprogramming the windows drop feature has been discussed deveral times here and is also shown in the owners manual. All you need to do is hold the button down for 2 seconds after the window is down, then roll it up and hold the button for an another 2 seconds. Voila!!!!!!! -- It will happen again, so I suggest you get used to it until and IF they send an updated chip.
Thanks for the reply, sorry I brought it up again. My dealer told me they downloaded a patch in the computer they got on line from Ford to stop the problem, is that possible or just what they wanted me to hear? I have driven the car approximatly 100 miles since and haven't experenced it again.
Could be true. As the problem has been a common complaint, if they can make it go away, so much the better.
From what I know the windows reset any time the car loses power. The same thing is true of the transmission... it "forgets" your driving patterns and can take a week or so to learn your style of driving.

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The loss of power is a cause I have not had, yet my drivers window has needed reprograming six times in the last 3 months.
I read a post last month that had a similar problem with the passenger window.
This is a first year model and bugs will be part of it, that's why I bought the ESP warranty at closing.
The last 1st-year model car I bought cost the GM protection plan 5 times what I paid for it, needless to say, they didn't offer to renew it!
Talked with my dealer's head mechanic 12/24 the dealership owner's Bird was flashing an intermittent ABS warning. Diagnostics said it was the left front wheel sensor. He replaced it and still got the ABS light. When he went to pull the ABS module he saw that a hose clamp had abraded the wiring to the ABS module. He taped up the wire and moved the harness away from the offending clamp, no more problem. Sorry for getting long winded, but thought I should pass this on.

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Just a quick add-on to re-calibrating the short drop glass feature. It is listed on page 64 in your owner's manual. Just letting you know in case it happens and you can't remember how DavidA told you how to fix it.

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