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Book Description
Here's the first complete and in-depth account of the creation of the motoring world's latest retro-styled headturner-the 2002 Thunderbird set for release early that year. In June 2000, Ford announced it would sell a production version of the automobile it unveiled on the 1999 North American auto show circuit. Author Michael Lamm examines why Ford decided to revisit the Thunderbird's roots and revive the two-seater concept. He also explores in detail how the 2002 Thunderbird was planned, designed, and engineered, as well as how it's assembled. The book also explains the 2002 Thunderbird's features and standard equipment (like its 3.9-liter V8), options (like the six-speed, twin-supercharged V8 rumored to be under development), model heritage, and T-Bird collectibles.

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This is my entry!

No bird yet! But got one on order.
i'm in! and i feel lucky!
Thanks for the chance to win!

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