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Mar 27, 2001
DEARBORN, Mich., June 14 – Ford Motor Company [NYSE: F] announced
today it will modify the lower seat trim of 16,500 2002 model
Thunderbirds to eliminate the potential for the driver seat belt to
contact the seat mechanism in the event of a severe frontal crash.
Ford is taking this action because the driver seat belt was found to
be partially cut after the vehicle was subjected to a 35 mph frontal
impact test into a solid barrier. The test was part of the New Car
Assessment Program (NCAP) by the U.S. National Highway Traffic
Safety Administration.

The seat belt did not fully separate and the driver test dummy was
fully restrained throughout the test. The partial cut of the seat
belt did not affect the test results.

Ford has not received any customer reports of this situation
occurring. However, Ford is conducting this voluntary safety recall
as part of our continuous improvement efforts. Ford will begin
sending letters to customers next week with instructions on when to
take their cars to dealerships. Customers will not be charged for
the modification. Cars built after April 24, 2002, are not affected
by this action.

Preliminary results from the frontal impact test indicate the
Thunderbird received a four-star and five-star rating for the driver
and passenger, respectively. A five-star rating is the highest
possible score. The Thunderbird received a five-star rating during a
previous NCAP test for side impacts.

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We checked out Flybrd's new car that was built after the recall date and noticed that the bottom plastic panel that covers the seat recliner lever and runs toward the front of the seat now says "AIRBAG" near the rear if the plastic. Ours, says nothing. Other than that, everything else looked exactly the same, the way the belt attached at the top and also the plastic around it at the bottom. I know I should have taken a picture of it, but I forgot my digital camera. None of us could see any significant difference in construction between the "old" and "new" cars.
I was hoping that the title of this thread would be concerning the hardtops and the scratched rear decks. It sure would be nice to hear about a permanent fix from Ford.
Just received the seatbelt recall notice today. Parts should be available at the dealerships after July 15.

Also received at the same time another recall notice that states "The Catalyst Monitor Sensor Connectors may be incorrectly routed in your vehicle. This may result in the vehicle producing excessive emissions without illuminating any warning lamp."

2002 blue/blue/full blue
2001 Toyota Highlander
1990 Acura Integra
I received both recalls in the same envelope yesterday. The seat belt fix won't be available till after July 15th, don't know about the catalytic converter problem. I haven't noticed any odors.

Jim Williams
red/red/std blk premium #2 of 2 VIN 1FAHP60A62Y111592
Mass. tag JWBIRD
Got the seatbelt recall in the mail last night but no catalyst.

I wonder if the catalyst is something on the newer cars? Mine is 102532 and jawill2000's is 111592, 9000 newer than mine. DEWbirds is 116105, 13500 newer.

JAW/Dewbird, do the recalls show up in your


Just checked MyFord and it still does not show the catalyst.

received seatbelt recall only,yesterday

neiman vin#00035
delivered October 4, 2001
I received my seat belt and catalytic recall on Monday, June 24th. I am located in Hopewell Junction, New York (North of NYC by 60 miles and South of Albany by 90 miles).


If you receive the recall about the catalyst would you also post your vin.


If you are registered with MyFord would you let us know if the recall has shown up there.

Received both recalls....seems only the "newer" cars are getting both of them.

VIN 16050 delivered 4/29/02

blue/blue/full blue prem
Vin 16050;Rotation 5856
Delivered 4/29
BOTH RECALLS AS OF 06-24-02 FOR VIN #15062/ROTATION # 4869.

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