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This was suggested by DavidA quite a while back and now that time has passed and there are more Birds on the street, it might be time to start it.

One hates to think about any problem with their new car, TBird or otherwise, but it is now becoming apparent that there are some problems arising.

I am going to start another database to list these problems and their resolutions. Since this is the first pass there will be some modifications to the format but this will serve as a starting point.

I would prefer that you keep your descriptions short and to the point but include enough information to be descriptive.

Since I had a problem early on with the fan module in my car, I will use it as an example.

  • VIN: 102532
  • Incident Date: 12/16/01
  • Milage: 4487
  • Problem: Car overheated
  • Symptoms: Smelled steam, temp guage was maxed, engine went into preservation mode, noticed several days before that the heater would not put out heat
  • Resolution: Dealer replaced the fan module
  • Cost: Warranty, none

You can post here or send the data to: res08cfi@*********** and I will include it in the database.

I am open to suggestions as to how to improve this listing/database. As I gather more data I will probably break down the listing into problem areas (HVAC, stereo, top, NVH etc.).

The file is located at Problem/Problem Resolution Listing.

FYI - For a listing of the UBB codes goto UBB Code Listing.


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Great idea RTBIRD. Two suggestions: I'm sure you already planned this but if not I think it would be very helpful if there was an email link or forum name recorded so direct contact would be possible. Second, very minor, but when I read your example I wasn't sure if 'date' was vehicle build date or incident date.

Good luck and thanks again for your contributions.

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Made the change to the date. I'm not sure about the email/forum link. Do you mean my email? As to the forum, that listing will be on the newtbirddata site but I will be maintaining the database on my computer.

P.S. It was DavidA's idea.

VIN: 113878

Incident Date: 4/6/02
Mileage: 50

Problem: Driver Power Seat stopped working

Resolution: Fuse OK; found connector under front part of driver's seat cushion had pulled apart due to tight wiring/bad mounting of cables. (Apparently came apart when I adjusted for full back position).

Cost: PO'd wife
The seat wiring too tight for seat movement is a clear EDSR (Electronic Dealer Service Report) type issue that will get to the design group and the assembly plant in a mater of minutes. I hope your dealership's service department filled an EDSR out on your vehicle. Sometimes when they are busy they forget! Duane
VIN: 107729

Incident Date: 1/5/02
Mileage: 90

Problem: After going through touchless high-pressure car wash, driver's door window lost short-drop programming.

Sympton: Had trouble opening door after returning home.

Resolution: Reprogrammed immediately. Has not re-occured on the next two trips to car wash, wash by hand now that it's warm.
Joe, I like the looks of the new database files including the separate categories you put up this morning (jumped the gun on that one for you
. Now to see where I can locate links to them on my site. They look like they'll be really useful.
Cowl shake: I only have 1,400 miles on the car but every time I drive it, roof on or off, the cowl shake seems to get a little worse. Sunday I took the top off and just hitting little cracks in the asphalt on the residential streets I seemed to be getting more cowl shake than ever. I returned home,
grabbed a couple of sockets & a half inch ratchet and laid on the creeper leaving the car flat footed on the ground. I checked the tightness of all the bolts in the X braces and found that everyone of them could be tightened 1/4 to a 1/2 of a turn. I did not try to tighten them as tight as I could but rather what I felt was a suitable torque for the size of bolts they were. I took the car back out and the cowl shake all but disappeared. It now took railroad tracks to get any really noticeable cowl shake.

Suggest everyone check these bolts for tightness after the car has settled in after a 1,000 - 2,000 miles. If yours is like mine you will realize a very noticeable difference. I left the car on the ground tightening the bolts as I did not want to tighten any twist or bow into the frame. Felt with all its weight flat footed on the ground I would just tighten the X braces and not reposition them as may be the case if I jacked it up.

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Bubbles in the Carpet that covers the rear deck. On the Hard Top.

I noticed (3) 2 1/2" to 3" Diameter Bubbles in the Carpet.. Notified the service department.. They sent me to their upholstery guy.. He tried to inject some adhesive in.. Didn't hold.. The dealer will be installing a new panel this weekend... If you have the same problem, you will see it when you look in the mirror..
Lon, good idea, I was just under mine yesterday changing the oil and I wondered about that X bracing but didn't do anything. Now I'll have to check these bolts. Do they have lock washers on them? If not think we could put some on or maybe use locktite on them.

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In an effort to try and be as complete as possible, and to make my job a little easier, please try and follow the format shown in the first post.

If you don't have all the info, leave that section blank, if you are in the process of having fixed, come back later and post the resolution.

Gobird, they did not have lock washers on them. In fact the first three I tried seemed tight. When I got to the forth one it popped loose like maybe a little corrosion was giving a false sense of tightness. After it popped loose it tightened a full half turn. I then went back to the first three I had tried and same thing happened with them. Had to apply enough pressure to pop loose then tightened between 1/4 to 1/2 a turn. On the very front ones I had to drop the plastic shield down for access but it only had two small hex head screws holding it up so it was no big deal. I feel like I am driving a completely different car now. Ride improved 300%.

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