Porthole Bird Wing

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For everyone that had expressed an interest in having a Thunderbird wing logo for their porthole windows, I am working with a company here in Atlanta that will have it ready next week. It will be an adhesive- mounted wing for the interior side of the glass. It looks very much like the Neiman Marcus wing. It is all white.

I am also going to try out a wing that is all white with the Thunderbird blue inserts inside the wing to see how this looks. I am taking care of the design fees, so after that I will post a picture of how it looks and will let everyone know who to call to order the wings and the total cost.

Keep your fingers crossed. I hope it works. The early prototype looks good!

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Tbird Tim, sounds good especially the one with the blue in it sence mine is going to be blue. Keep us posted. I think we could chip in for the design cost.

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Yes, I agree with Gobird. We could all chip in for the design costs. No reason you should bear the burden of these costs. Let us know what you decide.

I don't think that the design cost will be too great, because a lot of the work was done by me. The production company is just cleaning up my design and going to print out a sample for me to look at. I don't mind absorbing that cost. I hope that these bird wings will find their ways to many of your TBird portholes!

They may even be able to custom cut the bird wings in the colors of your cars, if you desire that. I think that the wings would look best on the inside of the glass, rather than on the outside, if they are plain white.

If you want to make the design more colorful, then an exterior-mounted design would show off the colors more.

I have based my design after the Neiman porthole wing pattern, so I have chosen all white. I will explore the white and Thunderbird blue combination design next week and make a decision for the wings that go on my car.

I'll let everyone know about the porthole wing (most likely next week) when I have all of the pictures and details available.
Tim, fast work, thank you. Can't wait to see them and I think I would like the TBird blue(aqua?). But, any one would be nice because I have wanted this from the beginning. Joy
TbirdTim: I almost missed this thread, shouldn't this info have been posted on my previous thread re: this subject? That being said, great (and fast) work please keep me posted I'll be your first customer.

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I'm interested also. Please contact me also when available. Can't wait to see what they will look like.

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I too would be interested. I have a blue/blue/premium ordered......the blue inset in the wings sounds interesting. Please let me know of your findings. I am comtemplating ordering an optional performance white top.......... so either the white or white with blue inset may work!!!! Your contribution to this forum is gratefully appreciated !! Thanks and Merry Christmas.
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I would like to have an emblem also, please let me know when they are available.

Mine is black with a white top, so it should look good! Now if it would just come in...

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You can also count me in for a set with the blue insert. Still waiting.

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Of course you are doing a great thing, and I'm certainly very interested. I'm not sure if you're taking a vote, but I like the concept of the TBird Turquoise insert. This may be one more thing I can add to my collection long before I ever get my car. Grrr.
I received a call from the company that is making the emblem's for the porthole windows and they will have it ready for me to look at tomorrow (Tuesday). If all goes as planned, I should have information for everyone on Tuesday. They have an "all- white" version and a "white-blue" version for me to look at. I'll take digital pictures of both, so that you can choose your personal preference when ordering.
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