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Mar 25, 2002
1.) What do you think about springs which lower the stance of the car, like the ones from Eibach. I saw the TBird Custom at the NY Auto Show this year, and have to say, that extra inch or so made a dramatic difference in the look! How much would it enhance the handling? Would it compromise the incredible ride Ford has engineered into the car?

2.) What are the issues with using a Strut Tower Brace? I'm sure it would make the car a little quicker on lateral handling, but would it lessen the ride or introduce forces on the frame which never were accounted for, i.e. would it be bad for the car?

What other enhancements are people doing???

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When we first got our car we took it to western NC. I had it on the mountain twisties and gave it quite a good work out. I had driven the same roads with my '96 and '98 Mustang GTs. I would have to say that the Bird handled as good, if not better, than the Mustangs. I don't feel that there is any need for enhancements to the suspension, unless of course you want to autocross it.

Lowering may make it look sportier but I think that the ride quality would suffer.
Why would you want to mess with perfection?

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Eibach Springs

I just installed a set of Eibach springs with 2003 Lincoln LS sport struts to my 02 Bird. It worked out well, lowered the car 1.75" in the front 1.6" in the rear. The car rides and handles far better than stock, is far more controlled at speed and does not ride harsh. There is an after-market camber & caster bolt / cam kit required to keep the alignment in spec. I am going to install the kit next week. Also the car appears to look slightly lower in the rear than front, much like the factory set up looks, less fenderwell gap in the rear than front. It's an illusion as there is a slight rake front to rear. I am machining some custom spring seats to raise the rear .5". The seats will sit on the bottom of the rear springs and should not effect the handling or ride. I am making them out of the same high-density Delron material the factory seats are made from. That should give it the right look, even fenderwell gap front to rear I'm looking for. One thing I would like to add is a strut tower brace. Any ideas who makes an after-market one? When I have it all sorted I will post everything with some pics.
Anyone change their bushings to urethane yet? Strut brace helps almost any car, even my M3 which was the best handling car at any $$ in 97-99 (so says CAr & Driver). I can still find faults and room for improvement in the M.
05 lower spring isolator mount

Has anyone change lower spring mounts or isolator..front & rear 2002-2005
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