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To Bon or not to Bon, that is the question. :)

An interesting problem. Yes, Tbird has gone out of his way to make us feel welcome. I plan to stay. In fact, I've been here almost since it started and made an occasional post just to keep things going.

On the other hand, BON also has a lot to offer - a wide variety of forums (including some frequented by Ford employees and knowledgeable enthusiasts), new product news and almost all the Thunderbird participants. Some of them have indicated a preference to stay there, so we may lose a few of the regulars. Also, new members are more likely to find their way to BON before finding this board. It just has more visibility.

I guess the only solution is to monitor both boards for the time being. Not a problem, but I hope, as Dot suggested in the other group, we don't get too many duplicate postings. It slows things down.

Thanks for stepping in to fill the gap, Tbird.
tr cruiser

I somewhat agree with your train of thought..tbird has certainly made all of us feel at home; however, I plan on flip flopping back & forth for a while. This forum has a tremendous amount to offer, with a promise of "more to come" you stated there are alot of BON members, Ford orientated people (employees)?? that are going to stay loyal to and monitor their sight. I am going to reserve & observe for now.
Happy Holidays
First I would like to thank TBird for his willingness to accomodate our "special" group.

Although most of us have come to this site while BON was down, there are a few that have monitored this site for months now.

I like this site- it has my vote.
Bandwidth problems obviously boil down to the almighty dollar. One of my personal favorite sites has been really established but with so much recent use, that they too cannot support the forums and the DVD database at times and have been moving them around.

You had stated in one post that you own the server-what do you have to do to set up a server?

I'm considering doing the same for the **** website-build a server specifically for our own use. Hopefully you can lend me a hand in deciding what hardware and software to use, and how to set it up.

To all who thanked me, I really appreciate it.

Let me tell you a little about myself. As I told you already, my wife and I both sold Ford-Lincoln-Mercury for about four years as a team before I started my Internet company. We actually met at the Ford dealership. I still have my salesman of the month plaques and all of my certifications. Shortly after I left the car business, I accidentally formed my next auto venture which is a cooperative effort with Autofusion aka It is an auto buying site Indecently, I happened to speak to the owner of while he was at the airport right before Thanksgiving. He indicated they are doing very well and area in their 4th profitable year.

I have owned the following brand new Ford products proudly.

1) 1996 Mustang GT - My first Ford
2) 1997 Ford F-150 4x4 Flareside
3) 1999 Mercury Cougar
4) 2001 Mercury Sable (zero percent x 60mo.)

Since I met my wife at a Ford Dealership and I am only 29, I would say that I am a young Ford man. Do you need more than five or is four close enough? The new T-bird will have to wait until the kids are grown, or I strike it rich and can afford a weekend car. The closest I'm going to get to a car like that is a Lincoln-LS which is smooth.

You can expect more from this forum. I have been designing web site for quite some time. We will see how it goes and where our ideas take us.


This is the only board that I have actually registered to use and I plan to stay here. Dot can monitor the old BON and keep me posted on what is happening there.
Myself - stay here

Yeah - 6
Nay - 0
Waffle - 2

I will continue to monitor both sights though as I am sure not all will make this their home.

If you go to the old BON and look at the forum index page you will notice that the majority of the posts come from the Mustang people. The TBird makes up only about 10% of the total traffic. The bandwidth problem stems from all traffic not just the TBird.

websiteworld has created a Thunderbird only forum and offers other functions for us in the future, stuff that he has asked us for.

You can at any time go to BON to see what is happening but with less traffic and a server owner that is committed to our purpose I feel it is in our best interest to make our home.

You have my vote, I'm staying. I am an old guy who doesn't understand cookies and the like. Why do I have to sign in each time? BON didn't ask me to do that. Can you fix it or walk me through the baking process (cookies)?
For what it is worth, I vote for staying here. We can always check back on Bon if we want. It gets pretty frustrating not to be able to get on for days at a time. So I vote to stay.
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