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Had to drive all over Manhattan yesterday on a number of errands, and due to a combination of circumstances I had to use the T-Bird ... lights and wipers on and the convertible top up due to damp conditions. I had assumed it wouldn't be the ideal car for such a purpose - normally I would use my Volvo (once I had a black Crown Vic which was the ideal Manhattan car - other drivers thought I was a cop) ... but, it was great. Visibility wasn't a problem, even in heavy traffic. That first-touch throttle response was fantastic for sprinting for gaps. Valet parkers put it front and center - no waiting for retrieval. And the looks and comments kept on coming, from everybody. Main lesson - don't worry about the view out with the top up ... no problem at all.

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I'm considering making the trip to NYC just after Christmas to attend the Holiday Festival at MSG since the Heels are in the field...Now, does this thread tell me that Amadeus will be safe in the hands of a valet parking attendant?

I'm still shaking thinking about the valet person who retrieved my '74 XR-7 Cougar when I attended a Yankees game around '77...I can still hear him peeling the rubber when he brought it back to me!! Must've loved that 351 Cleveland under the hood...
Everytime I have used a valet for the Bird they drive it with kid gloves and put it in a spot out of danger.
It is a thrill for them to drive it even if it is only a short distance. I can see the sparkle in their eyes-Its a good feeling.
Of course I would have evil in my eyes if anything ever happened to the Bird.
I drove in Manhattan for 30 years and luckily only had one accident when I was rear ended in Harlem. That said, I still would not bring my bird into Manhattan in any case. Valets are one thing but, what I have noticed is that other drivers see the car and head straight for it. Its not their fault, they just don't know how to drive. If you live and or visit NYC you certainly know about the taxi drivers and how they respect other vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians.
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