LS/TBird Aftermarket Shocks

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Would any TBird owners be interested in finding out about performance-oriented adjustable shock absorbers that the Lincoln LS Owners Club is protype testing for Leda Suspension out of England?

These are very high-quality gas shocks that have adjustable lower spring perches and have a 24-position combination jounce/rebound control.

They aren't cheap, probably come in around $350 per but so far in our testing they seem to be worth the money. They fit the LS so they'll fit the TBird as well.

If you'd like to know about our evaluation of the shocks I'll be happy to post information here and pictures as well.

Brian Gowing
Lincoln LS Owners Club


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Dear Brian,

Does your group have a web site? If so, please post is also. What high performance parts are available for the 3.9 Liter Engine?

I am used to working on 5.0 Liter Mustangs and love simple upgrades that add power and increase engine operating efficiency.

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LLSOC does have a website. It's You won't be able to get into the discussion forums or some of the members-only portions of the site but we do have a free, 6-month trial membership available, with no string attached, through the Membership page for anyone who is interested. That way you can see all of the club information and try out the club first to see if it's worth the membership fee.

A couple of the club members who also own TBirds suggested that LLSOC and the Thunderbird Forum partner up and offer a combined membership, since there is quite a bit of crossover between the two cars.

Anyone know how to post pictures here and what are the parameters? Don't want to put anything huge on the site.

As far as engine mods go anything that has claimed to provide hp increases for the 3.9L V-8 has turned out to be marketing fancy, at this time. The only proven ones are the K&N filter/Borla or Magnaflow exhaust systems combinations which we verified were good for about a 10-12 hp and 10-12 ft.-lbs of torque increase.

The club is actively trying to get more aftermarket vendors interested in producing performance parts for our cars. We are in the process of evaluating a big brake kit from Stoptech that holds a lot of promise. It is the same company that will be making the brakes for the upcoming McLaren LS and they increase the front rotors to almost 14 inch diameter. I can keep everyone posted on the developments of this as well.

If there are any TBird owners in the San Diego area that want to see how the shocks ride and see the Stoptech brake kit on the LS, there will be a few LS owners at the Qualcomm stadium Solo-2 autocross on May 25th. If you want to come by shoot me an email at and we'll expect you. If you just want to show up look for the EZ-up shelter with the LLSOC logo on it. We're also going to be installing an SST shifter in a non-SST equipped V-6 LS.

Brian - just subscribed to your website. Please (definately) keep keep us posted as things develop in the performance market.

Although I don't want to dramatically change my beautiful Bird, a few minor mods that might boost the performance is VERY interesting.
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