Lojack Security System ?

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New Blackbird

Has anyone thought about getting lojack security system for their TBird?

I never considered it before for any of my other cars, however they just didn’t seem as special as the Bird. My car will be in garage at home and it will not be used for my daily ride, but there will surly be times when it will be parked in a public lot or garage. I know lojack is not available in all areas but if any of you are located in areas where it is available, I would appreciate your opinions.

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I was also thinking of lojack, I called and they are not in the state of Washington yet. They did tell me they are coming out with a new lojack line. When your car is moved without your authorization code, it automatically calls the police. Thats what I will be looking for.

Did they mention when the new systems are going to be available?


Just called LoJack and the price for my area for the 2002 TBird is $595 and when the new system, called Early Warning, is available (end of March) they expect it to be around $300.

You can have the system installed by an authorized dealer or LoJack will come to your house or business and install it at not charge.

There is no monthly fee but they suggest to have it inspected every 2 to 3 years at a cost of $39.

Their number is 1-800-535-6522.

I have a lojac installed in my 2000 Mustang convert. The price from my Ford dealer was $585 and lojac came to thier shop and installed it. A couple of months after I got the car the alarm part of the lojak stopped working. Called lojak and they were great...came right to my house and changed out the components in my driveway. Good service!

"when the new system, called Early Warning, is available (end of March) they expect it to be around $300" ?

That's cheaper then the existing system. Or is it $300 additional for the new system if you already have the old system?
The new system is in addition to the existing LoJack system, both are needed for the Early Warning, so you are looking at $900 for both. The Early Warning is an add on.

The dealer included the Lojack system in my car. (Since I am in Calif and ordered it in June of '01 I "only" had to pay $5000 over MSRP for it)
I will say this for the dealer, at the time of the order he didn't mention including the Lojack system, the OEM car cover, or the T Bird logo chrome lic frame that he included feww at time of delivery.
I opted to have the Lojack guy come to my house to install. I only had the car 2 days so I kind of wanted to watch and see that he didn't tear something up. He informed me that I could't watch, nobody but him could know where he was hiding it. Didn't make sense to me that the owner couldn't even know where it was. He was here 15 minutes maximum, no visible signs that it had been installed.
The equivalent to the Lojack in Canada is the Boomerang. They have two versions the Boomerang and the BoomerandII. The difference is that the first version required the owner to call and report the car stolen for the system to be activated and the car located.

The new system uses a keychain transponder that will disable the system if it is used in conjunction with the car. If the car is used without the keychain transponder. The system will activate itself and do like ET... PHONE HOME!

See: http://www.boomerangtracking.com

BTW I shopped many insurance companies in my area (Montreal, QC) and none would insure my car unless I had a Boomerang (Lojack) installed.

Montreal has a real bad reputation for being the world capital of luxury car theft...

Most cars stolen in Montrealend up in Eastern europe and asia, as spare parts or are stolen to order to match a totaled chassis purchased in the states or an other part of the country.
My Ford dealer wanted $695 for lojack in Southern California. I went to my Lexus dealer and they sold it to me for $450.00. My Ford dealer would not match the Lexus dealer's price. Any of you Southern California people want to save a few bucks on the system; send me an email for the details.
I am more interested in an anti-towing device. My insurance company said they have never "lost" a car with the passive key system like the birds (i.e. never driven away) However they are stolen by being towed away. Anyway to prevent towing that is convenient/visible to the tower?
I was able to purchase the basic Lojack system from my credit union for $450. They're coming to my house to install it this coming Thursday. Will definitely be interested in the Early Warning upgrade when it comes out!

Our local AAA office has a brochure for LoJack. They offer a member discount for installation. $535 vs $595 from the Ford dealership. Nothing yet about "Early Warning".
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