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Thanks, DavidA, for the plug. I'd like to add the Thunderbird Cybernest site as this is an all-inclusive Thunderbird site with links to just about all the major Thunderbird clubs and local clubs plus Thunderbird specific parts vendors whom we should be cultivating for our future needs in this area.
If I may humbly suggest the Lincoln LS Owners Club at Since we share the same platform and have the added benefit of having two years worth of additional experience with it, we may be able to provide some helpful information for the TBird gang.

Brian Gowing
Lincoln LS Owners Club

I'd like to second the idea for a link to llsoc. The public discussion areas there were about to be closed to members only, but they relented and decided to keep access open to us Birders [and everyone]. I think cross-model topics are very useful to both groups, since we share a platform, engine, interior, etc. Thanks, Brian.
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