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With all the cars that come now with keyless entry key chains/fobs may be going the way of the buggy whip and the slide rule. The manufacturers may feel that since you get the opener fob a logo fob would just get in the way. After market key chains may be all that's available in the future.

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The Ford Collection had a Thunderbird keyring. It was $9 in the Holiday 2001 cataloge. The item number is S11632. I think that there was a post stating that the cataloge won't be sent out to retail customers anymore though. You might try calling them to see if it is still available.
The number is (800) 444-4503.

Good luck.
I got the one with the lighted head lights form Skip here on this board but bought it from him at one of our MATC meetings.I don't use it as a key chain, it just sets here at my puter.

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I still have some of the keychains left. The only official colors are red & yellow. I have very few of these left, as they went quickly as you might guess. Other colors are DK green, DK blue, champagne & silver. Still $2 each, shipping $4.50 (priority mail)for up to 6. Email us if interested: I'll have them, and other Tbird merchandise, at the July 14th gathering in the Baltimore area.

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