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Here's mine to the best of my ability to remember.

'46 Chevy-my father and I went halfies $200 total. Never got to drive it. Push button starter on the floor.
Ford Falcon- moms
Corvair Spyder- loved it and drove it hard
Ford Torino GT Maroon with gold C stripe white interior (stolen)
VW bug
Ford Ls
Mustang 2
Mustang 2 Cobra
Blue Bronco 2
Mazda 626
'95 Yellow Ranger Splash 37,000 miles(still)
2002 Thunderbird Trip Black (dream car)

'73 Honda 350 4 Cylinder
'86 Honda 750 4 Cylinder
'94 Honda Shadow VLX 600
'96 Honda Magna 750 4 Cylinder
2001 Gold Wing GL1800 Yellow (still own)

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Here's my list in the order that I owned them. I actually am able to figure out when things happened by remembering what car I was driving at the time.

1969 Baby blue Chevy Nova (my first car and it cost $1)
1977 Fiat X19
1987 Honda CRX Si
1990 Plymouth Laser RS Turbo
1981 Yamaha 650
1967 Fiat Spyder
1995 Ford Explorer 2dr Sport (base model)
1997 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer
1999 Ford Taurus SHO
1998 Ford Explorer Sport (loaded)
2001 Ford Sporttrac
2002 Ford Thunderbird
79 Pontica Trans Am White and Gold
85 Mustang GT Blue
84 Monte Carlo SS White and Blue
83 Honda Ascot VT500FT Red Motorcycle
87 Mustang 5.0 LX Convertible Red
92 Honda VFR 750 Interceptor Black Motorcyc.
95 Dodge Ram 2500 V-10 Silver
95 Ford Bronco Red
97 Ford Thunderbird Tan (wife's car)
99 Honda VFR 800 Interceptor Red M/c
01 Acura TL Silver (Wife's Car)
02 Thunderbird Yellow
05 Mustang GT Convertible (still wishing)

Paul H.
Started with:
1936 British Austin "7"
1937 Ford two door
(wrecked it going to my girl friend's
house that I later married)
1936 Ford 4 door sedan
(wrecked that one too, the night she
said she would marry me)had to borrow
my sis' 39 Chev.
1941 Chev two door (after the war)
1946 Dodge club coupe, new, after the war.
back to sis' 39 Chev, had to sell the Dodge
to buy farm equipment.
1949 Olds 88, new

Oh Hell, this could go on and on, so I'l just tell you what I have now.
1930 American Austin Grey w/black fenders
1938 American Bantam Pearlescent Blue
1955 T-Bird w/fairlane stripes
1956 T-Bird Fiesta Red
1956 T-Bird White/Buckskin
1957 T-Bird Dusk Rose
1957 T-Bird Turq/White
1955 Chev Bel-Air Htpe Gypsy Red/Beige
1960 Metropoitan Turq/White 9600 miles
1961 Metrobird same color as 56 T-Bird
1989 Chrysler TC/Maserati Royal Cabernet
1980 Ford pick-up
1993 Chevy Suburban
2002 Thunderbird Blue/White
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neiman vin#00035
delivered October 4, 2001
Well, here goes. My very first car was a 1960 Hillman Minx. What a piece of crap. That was followed, very shortly, thank goodness by a 1962 Ford Galaxie convertible with a 390 V8.
68 Chevy Impala
67 Thunderbird Landau Sedan
67 Pontiac GTO convertible
71 Buick Lesabre 455
73 Pontiac Grand Prix
75 Olds 88 convertible
77 Buick LeSabre
78 Pontiac Grand Prix
79 Chevy Corvette L82
81 Buick Park Avenue
81 Datsun 280ZX
85 Cadillac Sedan de Ville, the biggest piece of junk I ever owned and hopefully the last GM product I will ever own.
87 Toyota Supra
89 Mercury Sable
89 Lincoln Mark VII LSC
93 Lincoln Mark VIII
96 Jeep grand Cherokee
98 Toyota Avalon

Current cars:
2000 Toyota Avalon (my wife's)
2002 Lexus RX300 SUV (my daily driver)
2002 Thunderbird (my baby)

blue/blue/full blue prem
Vin 16050;Rotation 5856
Delivered 4/29
I am one of the young ones on the board.

93 Ford Ranger Splash
95 Ford Escort
99 Mercury Cougar

01 Mercury Sable (daily driver)
02 Tbird (summer toy)
Here's my list. Note the shift back to the blue oval for new cars after '89.

1955 Chevy 4 door (used)
1965 Dodge 4 door (used)
197? Ford Cortina 2 door (used)
1962 Ford Falcon 4 door (used)
1965 Mustang 6 cylinder Coupe (used)
1970 Opel Station Wagon (used)
1976 Buick Century (1st new car)
1978 Olds Cutlass Supreme (new)
1980 Diesel Rabbit (new)
1984 Dodge Caravan (new)
1985 Buick Park Avenue (new)
1968 Olds Cutlass Convertible (classic)
1985 Pontiac Grand Am 2 door (new)
1986 Chevy S-10 Pickup Extended Cab (new)
1966 Ford Mustang V8 Coupe (classic)
1989 Ford Taurus SHO (new)
1989 Ford Bronco II (used)
1941 Plymouth 2 door sedan (antique)
1991 Ford Taurus SHO (used - still own)
1965 Chevy Impala SS (classic)
1993 Ford Taurus SHO (new - still own)
1997 Ford F-150 Ext. Cab (new - still own)
2002 Ford Thunderbird (new classic)

Virtually all of the new cars I've owned have been like the T-bird in that they were the 1st year for the body style and/or engine. Only real lemon of the bunch was the '84 Dodge Caravan. Put me back in a GM car in less than 2 years. The '89 SHO put me into Fords to stay (at least for now).


#3739 Premium
Torch Red w/matching top
Standard Interior
1953 Ford 4-door sedan (“Bicentennial Edition”)
1957 Chevrolet 110 (Yes, they really made a 110—BUT, this one was truly custom, with a ’53 Chevy grille and 8 extra grille teeth, among other things.)
1964 Buick Electra 224 4-door Hardtop (The ultimate full-boat Buick—-crass chrome and steel and glass!)
1967 Pontiac Tempest 4-door sedan (Inherited, total dud.)
1969 Buick Electra 4-door Hardtop (Not quite the ’64, but hey, not at all bad--127 mph w/4 people and luggage and plenty of room to spare!)
1971 Ford Galaxy 2-door Hardtop (Nice)
1972 Chevrolet Vega (Hideous engine, but I traded before the truth was known.)
1972 Buick Riviera (Wish I still had it! 455 c.i, coupled to the weight of an M-1A Abrams tank. The last truly unique and beautiful Riviera, imho.)
1977 Buick LeSabre Custom (This was a slick and very limited factory edition, white, with a hard top that had portholes. I doubt if any survive.)
1977 Buick LeSabre 4-door (My personal automotive nadir. UGLY.)
1979 Chevette 4-door (Not as bad a car as you might think)
1980 Mazda 626 (Terrific, but I got the Chevette in the divorce.)
1980 Dodge Pickup (6 cylinder workhorse.)
1967 Austin-Healy Sprite (Given to my stepson by his Dad, but worked on constantly for ten or so years by me. AAAAAGHHHH!)
1984 Ford F-150 Van
1987 Ford Taurus (Liked it till it almost self-destructed at 67,000 miles)
1991 Ford Explorer (Not bad, but too small. Way too small.)
1994 Ford F-150 Extended-cab Pickup (One of the best! Still have it, still love it.)
1996 Chrysler Sebring Convertible. (What a great, though somewhat troublesome car. My wife and I both still miss it. Only the new Thunderbird kept us from buying another Sebring CV.)
2002 Blue/Blue/Full Blue Thunderbird. (Wow!)
Well, lets see...my first car was...a T-Bird,then it goes from there..here's my list:
Previous Cars Owned:
1972 Ford T-Bird-used
1972 Olds Cutlass-used
1972 Olds 442-used & restored
1972 Olds Cutlass (mostly for parts)used
1982 Ford Ranger P/U-new
1977 Fiat X 1/9-very used!
1970 Olds Cutlass-used, wreecked & restored
1984 Dodge Colt-new
1986 Chevy Blazer-new
1984 Honda Civic-used
1988 Ford T-Bird Turbo coupe (5spd)-new
1988 Ford T-bird Turbo coupe (auto)-new
1990 Honda Civic-new
1993 Mazda P/U-new
1995 Honda Accord-new
1997 Honda Accord-new
1996 Suzuki GSZR 750-new
1997 Chevy S-10 P/U-used
1995 Corvette Convertible-new
2001 F150 Super crew (traded for T-Bird)-new
1968 Corvette Convertible(used & restored-still own)
2000 Chrysler PT Cruiser (still own)-new
2001 Chevy Corvette Convertible (still own)-new
2002 Ford T-Bird) (just added!)

2002 Thunderbird blue
2001 Mag Red Corvette vert.
2000 Aqua Marine PT Cruiser
1968 Rally Red Corvette roadster


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