Is Full Blue Interior Too Much Blue??

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When reviewing pictures of Blue/Blue/Full Blue Tbirds, I am alittle concern that there will be too much blue for my taste. I havn't seen a Blue Tbird in person yet. Can I get some opinions on this subject. Thanks.

We have a Blue/Blue/Full Blue Premium on order due to be built in August.

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Gobird was visiting his Dad this month and he and his wife stopped by our place for a visit. This was the first time either myself or my wife had seen a blue/blue/full blue interior Bird up close and personal. We ordered a black bird since we were never able to see the colors in person. We both found it absoultley beautiful and she even commented had she known she would have opted for the blue. Big thumbs up!
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I think the full blue is too much. The bottom portion of the dash on the tbirds is (let's face it) fairly cheap plastic. I think that the light blue colored plastic highlights that fact more than the graphite color. I much prefer the partial accents to the fulls.
rd4; it's like anything else in life, a matter of personal taste. i have a blue/blue full blue bird and love the appearance. Everyone that has seen it all love the color and full interior. i have seen a blue bird with no accent and to me it is very, very drab. i think a partial would be nice, but i'm a pazazz type. i also own a cobra reproduction in bright yellow with white racing stripes if that lets you know anymore about my taste in vehicle colors. Bottomline...partial or full you'll be happy either way, butdon't go no accent at all. Just my opinion...remember, to each his own.

As Panz said, to each his own. I love mine. Regardless of what color I had chosen the full treatment would have been my choice.

You can see some shots of mine at this site--there are 2 pages of photos..

If the weather holds out this weekend, I hope to get some side-by-side shots of the '02 and the '56 to add to the site.

Good luck with your shopping!

We had the oportunity to drive Hobobob's Blue/White/full Blue a few weeks ago (same as we ordered) and I really liked it. I have another car that has a dark Bordeau interior and it's like sitting in a tunnel with the top up or hardtop on. I have a near twin to it that came with a Tan interior and the difference is like night and day.
It's your choice, but I don't think I'd like the non-accented interior. Partial Blue would be an absolute minimum.
I'd say full Blue looks really good. Try to find someplace to compare the partial and full interiors and make a choice.......
I, too, wasn't sure on the color fact I had a yellow on order (full accent) cuz I thought the blue might be over the top

...when I got the call from the dealer that a Blue was available (had only seen pictures up this point), I asked if it was full accent...

It was, but I thought I'd go take a look anyway...I WAS BLOWN AWAY by how beautiful it was...wasn't expecting it to be so sharp (the Benz I was trading in was all black interior...very conservative).

It IS a matter of taste, though, but the all blue (or teal, whatever) in my opinion is breathtaking.

(I pick it up today at 4...HOORAY!!!!)

rd4, depends on what you like. We ordered the full blue without seeing any pics of it. We don't regret it at all. The partial may be ok haven't seen one yet but we love the full. It's up to you. It will be YOUR BABY.

It truly is a matter of taste. But keep one thing in mind. If the full blue is a little too much for you now it may be way too much in a year or two. But that too depends on how well you adapt. Bottom line is let your heart tell you if it's too much. BTW, rumor has it that in 03' white inserts will be available. If that's the case then I may be changing out my all black to black and white. I had a 56' Bird with the black and white interior and it was sharp.

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I absolutely love the look of the full interior on the blue bird. I think it could be considered a bit much, but it's all a matter of taste and style. Not that I really care what others think (OK...I really care what others think about my bird)....When I am showing my car off (which I do as often as I have it out), when I open the door and people look in...the response is immediate and unanimous...


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I actually went to the detroit auto show in Jan 2001 to see the colors up fron and personal.

I was not impressed with the interior full color accent of the blue. Because it was off from the exterior color. Some of the interior trim seemed painted over.

But I later found out that those 5 cars at the show, were pre-production/prototype models and the actual trim was to be color adjusted.

I finally was able to catch a blue/blue full accent owner driving on a highway on my way back from work in Oct 2001.

And I actually followed him to his home. The guy was nice enough to let me look at the car inside and out. This guy had 3 Tbirds in the yard, all were being shipped to the United States to be sold on the american market for 10K US over sticker price.

Once I was able to see a production model, I was convinced that the full accent was the way to go.

Try to hook up with an owner or go to the factory and see them upclose and personal!
Ditto what HeelBird said, "As Panz said, to each his own. I love mine. Regardless of what color I had chosen the full treatment would have been my choice."
However mine is partial accent (blue) and I love it as much as HeelBird and others love their full accent. The full blue would have been too much, maybe not today, but in a year I would have been tired of it. The response to the partial accent is still "cool".
It's suppose to be nice and sunny here for Easter. We've had the T-bird just over a week but haven't taken the ht off yet. Maybe this weekend... either way I'll take some pictures of the partial accent interior and email them to you (just until I get organized enough to load them to a website!) I'll try to mirror the shots HeelBird has on his site.
I love my total blue car. I had originally ordered the triple black, but my dealer later told me that five of the six cars he was allocated in this fairly small town were blue, and the other one (red) was sold out of town. So I asked him to change to blue with blue top and partial blue interior.

He misunderstood and ordered the full blue interior.

I can't thank him enough. The highlights really brighten the car and make the Tbird stand out even more from the multitude of dull, ordinary cars we see and drive every day. I've lived long enough to be able to tell a genuine compliment from a false one (okay, most the time) and everyone who sees this car loves it. An earlier post said the blue plastic looked cheap. Well, maybe plastic does look and feel cheap--because it is cheap. Not to mention lightweight and strong, not bad things in an automobile. Making the plastic black doesn't make make it any more expensive. Blue or black, this car doesn't look or feel cheap. And to me, the blue looks better.
As T-Bird Marty said: "Bottom line is let your heart tell you if it's too much." I had an internal debate with myself over my triple-red - but it was a short debate. As Frank Lloyd Wright said: "Any great thing is too much of whatever it is."

I've seen the full accent blue only in photos. Let me digress a bit here; As I've mentioned before - not ad nauseum I hope - we had a Red on Red 63-1/2 Galaxie convertible that I grew up with. Well another family several blocks away, on the way to my piano teacher's house, had the same identical car in Turquoise Blue. I remember how it seemed to see that beautiful, different colored cousin of our own family car. I sort of bought back a part of my childhood with the triple red, and when I first saw photos of the triple blue, it reminded me strongly of that neighbor's car long ago. And it was gorgeous to me too.
I like all the full accents. My son-in-laws parents car is full blue and ours is full yellow ans as txktom said everyone that has looked at ours loves the full treatment. I disagree with the statement that after a year or so it will be too much. The more I'm in the car the less I notice the yellow & I begin to wonder if there was anything else in the interior that could have gotten the treatment.

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American Beauty is a full accent blue and I have no regrets about my choice of accent. With the top down the inside seems to merge with the blue sky above and enhances the feeling of being 'completely outside'. Black might be more elegant with less interior color - though the NM looks sharp with silver panels. Otherwise, I think more color adds to the fun look and feel of the car.
Like Erict, I also went to the Detroit Auto show in January 2001. I spent a lot of time looking at the blue car. Before seeing the display car I was planning full blue accent, afterwards I had some reservations. I stuck to my instinct and ordered full blue. Since then I learned that the prototype show had some interior paint problems that were later overcome.

By this time next week I should know if I made the right choice. After a two week quality hold at Wixom my full blue is on its way...........finally.

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Blue/Blue w/Full Accent was my first and only choice. I love it more and more each time I turn the key.

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